What more can I do with my mailing list?

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I know there is definitely more I can be doing with my newsletter, but I'm not quite sure what it is. Here's my situation:

I've been running a blog which has been online for about 3 months now, but I neglected it a lot in its second month so it has about 2 months of work put in. The blog is in a food and drink niche and includes reviews of various related affiliate products. So far I think it is going pretty well, I've made around $100 and consistently get 100-200 visits everyday, mostly from organic search traffic which is growing steadily.

Now, I've managed to collect about 1,500 e-mail addresses on my newsletter. A few of these came from people just signing up for the newsletter, but the vast majority I got from running giveaways. I've completed 2 giveaways for affiliate products with a 3rd running right now, I expect by the time the 3rd giveaway is done I will have over 2,000 e-mail addresses. Entering the giveaway requires an e-mail address and there is a big disclaimer that entering the giveaway adds you to the mailing list.

My strategy right now is to send out e-mails at the beginning of every new giveaway. When my old giveaway ends, I try to put up a new one within the next few days if not immediately. This lets my e-mails do 2 things:

1) inform people that the giveaway they entered has concluded
2) gives them a chance to join a new giveaway

This means I'm looking at a cycle of sending out e-mails pretty infrequently - about every 2 weeks or once a month. I'm trying to add some value to the readers inbox since I know they are already interested in giveaways, they can join the new one. I'm planning to incorporate some affiliate coupons or other offers in a call to action in my next newsletter.

The format of my e-mails looks something like:

**brief into, mention last giveaway ending**
**request for social media follows**

**social media links/icons**
unsubscribe option


Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can improve this strategy?

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    A few pointers mate;

    1. People in the food niche love to read. They want to know a lot and are ready for details and yearn for more information. Meaning you shouldn't send out emails only when you are looking forward to promoting something but all the time. I mean almost about 3 emails a week. Purely informational emails packed with great stuff for them to read. Well researched stuff. Make a connection with them.

    2. If you have the ability to build a list that big using organic traffic in that short a while, then you can go really big if you play your cards right. Do whatever you are doing in a much more bigger way. If its the content on your website that is bringing the traffic, then write more and have more sign-ups.

    I have worked with several guys with monetizing their stale lists. I can help you - patswald@gmail.com
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    I would email them daily. Continue to build a relationship with them by offering great daily content. It's OK to sell to them quite often as long as you continue to provide excellent content even while you are selling or promoting an offer.
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