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I am planning to start email marketing campaign in USA and UK to get some leads for SEO services, but I don't have any subscriber list.
I have manually collected emails of different Industry by visiting their sites and make a excel sheet.Also I have researched some email services providers like mailchimp, Aweber and getresponse.

So how should I start from here?
I will use mailchimp services and upload atleast 100 emails and start my email campaign, is it a good idea?
Also If I randomly start email through mailchimp with above process, will Mailchimp ban my account?
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    A few years ago I manually scrapped emails from websites and emailed them. It will be much more effective if you personalize each email and don't just blast it out. Changing the words for each one and showing the prospect that you did your research on them will increase your conversions and help keep your domain name or email address from being banned.

    Yes it will take more time but you will make more money. If you do blast them out then don't send more than 100 a day. I built up enough clients to work full time using cold email. I did have a website with a portfolio and I did talk with the on the phone to close the sale.
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    I've heard of e-mail marketing services like aweber. I've heard it can be a good way to generate leads, but I'm a little skeptical about the conversion rate of this marketing method. I get a ton of junk e-mails every day, and I never even read them. They go straight to my trash folder. Besides, most of those marketing schemes aren't worth looking at, anyway.
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    Hi Rohanjha, good for you for getting involved in email marketing. From my understanding you're wanting to build a list of subscribers interested in SEO services.

    Manually collecting leads from websites is a good place to start but you've got to remember that you're not the only one offering SEO services and any email you send to them personally will most likely get overlooked.

    I'm currently using both Aweber and GetResponse. I have used many others including self-hosted solutions but always go back to these two main ones. I've been using them since 2008 and have had no problems with them. Personally I prefer Aweber's interface, but prefer GetRepsonse's deliverability. There's no reason why MailChimp will ban you from emailing your 100 subscribers unless the complaint rate was too high.

    As for your main question here's what I would do if I wanted to build a list of people interested in SEO services...

    1. Create a squeeze page offering a free video course on how to get traffic and rank in the search engines in exchange for a name and email address. Break the video course down into multiple videos to make it easy to digest.

    If you're comfortable doing video presentations, then create a video course showing the process of how to rank in the search engines. Again if you're not comfortable doing the presentations yourself, hire someone to do this for you or grab PLR with give-away rights and use that.

    You can then place a text link below the video saying something like 'Click Here To Have Everything Done For You', or 'Click Here For SEO Services' to tell your viewers to visit your offer.

    The idea here is to not only build a list of prospects but show your expertise in the subject. When your readers realize how much effort goes into getting sites ranked, they'll more than likely go to you for services rather than someone else because they can appreciate the education and the work you put into the service.

    2. Create a follow-up series reminding your subscribers of your SEO services whilst offering more free information along the way. This could be in the form of more video training, eBooks, blog posts, or just written tips in your email.

    You'll want to take the time to write a good follow-up series and aim for at least 7 emails sent out 1-2 days apart. Every email should have a purpose and make your subscribers fully aware of your services. Every email you send out, every landing page you send them to, every piece of content should have a link which leads directly to your SEO service.

    3. Now that you've got your squeeze page, free video course, and an email sequence in place, it's time to collect leads! You can start by creating a classified ad in the Warrior Forum and on other internet marketing forums stating that you're offering free video training on how to get traffic and rank websites... then link directly to your squeeze page.

    From personal experience you can get about 200 views on your thread with a good title first time round, and a conversion rate of 50% or more with a quality squeeze page. So now there's potential for 100 subscribers right there.

    To keep the traffic coming in, you can bump your classified ad after it's dropped off the first page and continue to do so indefinitely. A classified ad submission and bump costs ~$20. But it you can get 50-100 subscribers per bump, you'll build your list in no time and should have no problem getting people to join your monthly SEO service.

    Hope this helps!
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      That was a great answer Aaron. Even though I didn't ask the question I can see the value in your answer.

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      Thanks a lot TipTopMarketer. My all queries have solved now. And yes I will try this video features sooner or later.
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