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I am wondering how to increase numbers of clicks on Thank You / Download Page

From the stats below you can see that the each subscriber make only one click (or even 0) on bonuses and I am not really happy with this results.. I talked with some solo ads sellers and they have much better results: around 2 clicks per each subscriber

In my case I got 225 subs and they made only 214 clicks...

My thank you / download page structure:

- bonus txt link 1
- bonus txt link 2
- bonus txt link 3
- bonus txt link 4

- bonus img link 1
- bonus img link 2
- bonus img link 3

- free report (pdf)

Stats from ClickMagick:

Tracking Links
Total Clicks: 437
Unique Clicks: 430
Filtered Clicks: 37

Total Clicks: 247
Unique Clicks: 214
Filtered Clicks: 25

Actions: 225

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    On your thank you page simply tell them what you want them to do... Example
    Thanks for subscribing, your free download will arrive in your inbox shortly.
    In the mean time please download your free bonuses below, be sure to grab them all:
    Ocean marketing(link)
    2,346 per month blueprints (link)
    Mr. Guru secret strategies (link)
    This blueprint changed my life (link)

    Make your thank you page something like that and keep about 4 or 5 links there... They will still not get them all but you'll average maybe 2 clicks for subscriber.
    In addition to doing this. When you send your first follow up email (free download)
    Give them the thank you page link first.
    Example :
    Hey , thanks for signing up as promised your free download is attached below, but first make sure you grab :
    Your free awesome bonuses here(link)
    I know you'll love those ��
    And here is your free download below:
    Free download(link)
    Be sure to white list my email as I'll be sending you many more free tips
    I hope you get the point here this should definitely get your funnel to average more than 1 click to your partners or whomever you are sending them too( maybe ppl offer)
    So what I would suggest is separating the download and thank you page. The download is being sent to their inbox. The problem is they opted in for the download and they see it right away so they pass by any thing else. I your method you aren't even giving them any incentive to open your first email. Because you are giving it to them there instead of delivering it to your inbox. I would say follow what I just said to do and create a thank you page as I instructed. Then keep your download page as is.( keep more bonuses there) you will get plenty clicks buddy��
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    Ditch the 'standard'!

    People have seen it over, and over, and over again now and so have gone numb to it. Call it thank you page blindness.

    Create a Thank You page that reflects YOU and your own style.
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