Help My emails are showing up as Spam

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This is the email I've been sending:

SUBJECT: Enjoy Your Free Yoga Chakra Meditation Guide

Hello and Welcome,

Your free Yoga Chakra Meditation Step-By-Step Guide is at the link provided below:

Thank you for subscribing to my newsletter where you will get tons of great discounted offers and plenty of free content about the practice of yoga. Yoga is a 5000 year old art form that has been found to reduce stress, decrease body fat, eliminate chronic pain, improve muscle tone and much more.

My name is Jamaal Smith. I have been interested in yoga from a very young age. I didn't delve into it until much later when I used it to relieve chronic pain and stress while I was in college.

Yoga has been a release for me and I want to share my passion for yoga with you all. If you have any questions or suggestions for anything you would like me to talk about please let me know by replying to this email. I look forward to hearing from you.


Jamaal Smith
Happy Heart Yoga


Now I've tried getting rid of the word free, changing the link from a raw link to one like "Your Meditation Guide"

What can I do to get passed the spam filters?

Could I be black listed?

Help Appreciated

J Rock
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    The email looks alright. What autoresponder service are you using? My advice...switch to another one
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    Awebber almost always delivers in the inbox.Also if you wish to use a free autoresponder,there is Listwire.They do deliver to the inbox almost always.
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    Check your spam score. Above 2 is perfect. Sometime only certain of your subscriber receive as spam the other will go directly into their inbox.
    Also look at your autoresponder
    i prefer awebet and getresponse
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      You didn't say what your From address is. Are you using a free email account for it? Use your own domain and make sure it's not blacklisted.
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    The service I use is sendlane.

    I like the fact that I get all the services I need (opt-in page, page hosting, autoresponder) in one site

    My sending address is

    How do I check if my domain is black listed?
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      Originally Posted by jrock2015 View Post

      The service I use is sendlane.

      I like the fact that I get all the services I need (opt-in page, page hosting, autoresponder) in one site

      My sending address is

      How do I check if my domain is black listed?
      There are several free and paid tools to check blacklists. Here is a free one (I am not associated with): Email Blacklist Check - See if your server is blacklisted

      I did check your domain there and there were no hits on the blacklists checked. Your email company may also provide blacklist checks but I have not used sendlane myself.

      It could be sendlane servers/IPs that have a deliverability problem but I don't know one way or the other about their deliverability rates. There is no email service that has 100% inboxing.

      Did you try sending some test messages with no links and just a simple non-commercial message like you'd send a friend? Try a test message with a different from address as well (after checking the blacklists) even though your current one didn't show any problems above. If both those type of test messages end up spammed, then it's your email provider that's most likely the problem.
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    Two things I don't see, which is most likely causing your problems:

    1. No valid SPF record for that domain

    2. No unsubscribe link

    Depending on what provider is routing it to the spam folder, it can also be content related.
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