Should I Re-Brand My Optin E-Book and Overall Campaign?

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I think I need to re-brand our e book, email marketing campaign theme, and squeeze page, and just wanted to run my situation by you guys.

We are a real estate investment company leveraging a free ebook to get optins so we can develop relationships with new "private investors" for our business.

Here's a link to the squeeze page for the ebook in case it helps out in some way.

Anyways, I've recently learned that optins and email marketing campaigns are more effective when you have a very focused and finely-defined problem that you're solving; I don't think the current book title of "The Private Lending Guide" really sticks-out as a problem.

After speaking with current lenders and inquiring about why they got into the business, most of them said that they got involved to simply make higher returns than they could with more traditional investments.

I don't think current or potential lenders actually wake up at night thinking "if only I had a guide that could help me with being a lender."

Alternatively, I think that quite a few people wake up at night thinking, "damn it, I need to make more money, but I don't have any extra time (or I'm just flat-out lazy)."

Therefore, I think I need to re-brand the book, squeeze page, and the focus of the email campaign...

I think the new focus needs to be on something like helping people "discover" (squeeze page lingo :-) a way to make higher returns than they can with more traditional investments PASSIVELY, via real estate with little to no time commitment; which is exactly what private lending does, when it's done right...

...which is what my ebook is all about.

Although it needs to be worded more effectively, I think coming from that angle would be more effective at gaining more optins.

Would you agree?
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    Maybe along the lines of High Profit Passive Income: 5 Reasons Your Money Needs To Be In Private Lending for the book title.

    Would there be a way to get a couple of testimonials from a source with a little weight in your market? If I knew someone who I valued the opinion of had read your book or looked into your program then I wouldn't think twice about grabbing a copy for myself.
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    Instead of investing your time re-wording everything beforehand, I would say why not test it with traffic, I mean, don't they say, only number will tell the truth?
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