I need solo a ds!! Who to buy from!?!?

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Hi guys,

Thanks to the warriorforum, I've been making a few bucks online and I am in the process of now developing my own product! I'm excited about and can truley credit you guys to my success.

So being that I'm a first time marker of my own product without affilates, I am trying to start with solo ads. I don't want to do facebook ads because I have yet to perfect that method, neither have I perfected google ads.

Solo ads sound to be good from my research but who do I buy them from? I don't want to spend a lot of money and not get any conversions. I'm looking to pay good money from a good list. Any recommendations? Thanks!
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    i have never baught a solo add, the reason why is because i have heard so many stories of solo add which people have baught and never saw any resualt, they where not from the right country, you dont know who actually visits your site and you dont know the person sending the traffic to your website. best thing to do is a full research and read people reviews. the cheap ones always bites so be carfull
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      Originally Posted by munir ahmed View Post

      i have never baught a solo add, the reason why is because i have heard so many stories of solo add which people have baught and never saw any resualt, they where not from the right country, you dont know who actually visits your site and you dont know the person sending the traffic to your website. best thing to do is a full research and read people reviews. the cheap ones always bites so be carfull

      You are right..

      If you want to get more email subscribers quickly, you should follow a few list building strategies.

      Having a list gives you more influence over your subscribers' behavior and allows you to drive page views, sales, reviews, or anything else you'd like.

      More and more people and companies recognize the power of email and are gathering email addresses of their customers more aggressively.

      Following questions are very important to gather email addresses in right way.

      How to:
      • determine what your audience values
      • ask for email addresses in the right way
      • use tools to quickly gather email addresses from visitors
      • determine the optimal places to ask for email addresses

      Create something that your visitors crave, and they'll practically be forced to give you their emails. Create something that only some of your visitors want, or only want a little bit, and you'll be left almost empty-handed.

      If you have a blog that gets consistent traffic, this will be extremely easy.

      If you want to see what your audience is most interested in, simply look at the number of times they've viewed each article. Additionally, you can look at the number of comments and social shares generated by the articles.

      If you have a new site or one with few posts and low traffic levels, you can't use above method. What you can do, however, is look at your competitors. See what your competitors are offering.

      The biggest mistake marketers make when creating lead magnets is that they make offers that are too vague.

      You must create a useful offer that solves one specific problem in your reader's life.

      Your lead magnet can be in any format. It doesn't matter. All that matters is that it:
      • is about something your reader cares about,
      • delivers massive value (high quality), and
      • accomplishes (at least) one specific thing in your subscriber's life.

      To make things crystal clear, let's look at some examples.

      Free Courses
      Free Trial

      Designing a high-converting opt-in form

      In general, you have to consider three essentials factors: your offer, your headline, and your call to action (CTA).

      Factor #1: A valuable offer

      You need something that your readers will care about enough to give their email addresses for.

      Factor #2: A clear headline

      This is simple but important. Clearly state the title of your lead magnet, possibly preceded by "Download", "Get a copy of", or a similar phrase.

      Factor #3: A first person CTA

      First, you need a CTA. Once your visitor inputs their email address into the text form, tell them what to do to get their freebie.

      To boost your conversion rate, write your CTA in the first person.

      Try to write your button CTA in terms of the benefit your offer will provide. For example:
      • "Yes, I want more traffic"
      • "Show me how to get more subscribers"
      • "Give me your secrets"

      Use the most effective email collecting tools

      If you want to use a static opt-in form, you'll need to have a developer design it, or you can modify templates provided by your email marketing provider (Aweber, MailChimp, etc.).

      But the most effective email collecting tools by far, as we've seen, are pop-ups. To implement them on your site, you will need to use a specific tool designed for this purpose.

      Option 1: OptinMonster

      Created by Syed Balkhi and Thomas Griffin, OptinMonster is an affordable mid-range pop-up tool option.

      Option 2: LeadPages

      It's one of the most comprehensive email collection tools out there.

      Cost: Minimum $25/month for basic features.

      Option 1: Hello Bar

      Hello Bar offers a lot of features to capture more emails.
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    A good place to look is Facebook groups. There are several with testimonials. And since it's Facebook you can contact the people directly for more info and add them as friends. I would advise not only talking with he person you intend to buy from but also to the people who left the testimonials.
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    No need to go any where else.... here is first FB group with biggest sellers...


    Here is second group with sellers who gives sales from their traffic...


    Now, tip for you, find those sellers who are common in both groups and look for recent testimonials.
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    As well as the FB groups, Udimi is another option.
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    There are MANY facebook groups for solo ad testimonials. Some are closed though. It's really important to do cross check because there're a lot of scammers there. Some people even fake testimonials from reputable sellers.
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    Well if you have decided to go with the solo ads first. Then i would recommend you to go out to some facebook groups where you can find a lot of solo ads sellers. But the key here is to work with good sellers. It is always a better idea to ask some of these questions before purchasing any ads from any seller :

    1) How big is your list?
    2) What is the Average open Rate?
    3) How many subscribers you are getting daily?
    4) Is the Buyer's list included in traffic you will be sending to me?

    And most importantly don't forget to watch for his testimonials from other buyers.

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    You can find a bunch of solo ads providers at Warrior Forum Classified Ads, Facebook could be another good source. DOE ( directory of ezine) is another good and a very authentic source of solo ads.

    I can help you with OptimizePress setup and provide you with complete membership site solutions.

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    I myself have just joined that FB group. But my personal favorite would have to be Udimi. They have a lot of sellers and have great responsive lists.
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    Check clickonomy they are a trusted site for solo ads and when u get someone to buy from make sure you track your clicks with a tracking software
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    If you go down the solo ad path... I prefer Udimi - there are many solo ad vendors in the one place. You get to see their list size and who their target market is. There are alot of positives... you see testimonials.. how many clicks people have bought and how busy/popular the vendors are.

    The other thing when testing a solo ad vendor... for your first ad never test more than 100 clicks. Test them out first to see what the optin rate is... because you can build from there.

    I am so glad I was taught that... as I have tested out a few solo ad vendors through other sources and they didn't deliver but the good thing was that I only tested 100 clicks so I may have lost $50 rather than I know others who have spent a few thousand with no results through independent solo ad vendors.

    If you need any help just send me a message



    Tiffany Mika

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    I just started solos this week, I'm so glad I set up tracking, the data you get really tells a story and I'm already seeing where the improvements need to be made. For example my form was to low on the page for mobile so from now on I'm implementing a "Zero Thumb Swipe/Scroll Policy" meaning as soon as that page loads on a mobile device the form is right there under a catchy headline.
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    I would recommend mytrafficsource.com

    They've been around for a while and they deliver high-quality leads

    Gene Adam

    WARNING: A 50 Million Dollar Man Taught Me His Secret... Which Resulted 6,000 Sign-ups on My Email List.

    "It's easier than you think..."

    => Watch this video here...
    Build Your List to 6,000 Subscribers

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    Well, I personally get solo ads from 3 people,

    1. Armando Rendon---->>>https://web.facebook.com/armando.rendon.7

    2. Igor Igor Kheifets ---->>>https://web.facebook.com/igorhelpsyousucceed

    3. Nick Guadagnano.---->>>https://web.facebook.com/nickguad7
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    Hi Freedom4rmUrJob,

    I've had alot of experience doing JVs with solo ad providers and I highly recommend that you don't use solo ads for traffic.

    The traffic is rubbish.

    But if you do use solo ads, make sure you track everything. Track everything anyway... you'll always want to know what works and what doesn't.

    You can use Google Analytics and Google's URL Builder to track anything, including traffic sources and conversions.

    Take the plunge and learn Facebook ads. It's not that hard.

    Depending on your niche, I wouldn't go for Google Adwords as it can be very expensive, and when it comes to email optins, my experience is that it is not very effective.
    Need help getting more leads and sales? *** Click here to work with me ***
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    from pay for insider group in facebook
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