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by Globie
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I am brand new to this forum so please forgive any stupid questions.
I have just started my blog in the health and fitness niche. I have an opt in form etc but still haven't got any subscribers. I know it takes time but I am at a loss for where I can get some free traffic from. Most of the forums I have visited don't allow linking in the comments.
So a few questions:
Is there another way to drive free traffic? Can I put it in my signature on this forum? And Will it be worthwhile etc?

I am also looking at getting into the IM niche aswell. Just thinking it might be more profitable although probably harder to get into.

Any advice will be appreciated.

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    Putting a health link here would not be hyper profitable. This is a marketing forum.

    Plus, you really need to build up a post count of at least 50 (200 is better) before anyone will really even notice you.

    As far as free traffic. Please use the search function of this site to find 100's of threads on that topic.

    Thank you, Patrick
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      You should search blog and forums related to health and fitness niche, there you can give signature links and can comment on the related forums. The traffic you will get from those sites will be relevant for your blog.
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    I suggest you join capitalize on social media. Find facebook groups that are relevant to your niche, engage, help people out if you can and make useful contributions.
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    Thanks for the suggestions guys.
    I didn't think it would be productive to put them here.
    I have searched for forums and blogs but only found a couple that allow links in signature etc.
    I will keep looking.
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    The best free traffic source is throught social networks!

    Open a facebook page and ads it with your profile.
    In this page you must frequently post articles, photos, give news, and share hight quality contents!
    traffic will arrives!

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      Nothing in the free sources can work better than social media.

      I can help you with OptimizePress setup and provide you with complete membership site solutions.

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    FREE traffic takes a lot of time. If it works its great. But I think paid traffic would be better. You'll get results quicker and you'll learn more. You'll also invest more money and make more mistakes but you'll build your health and fitness list quicker
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    If you know your niche well you can just post on health forums and use signature(not links from comments) to get some visitors.

    Have you heard of guest blogging? If you know your topic well this can get you some well deserved traffic.
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    For this I can say you that you can go for search in blog and forum relevant to health as well as fitness and do post for fitness forum to increase high traffic.
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