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Do NOT use Aweber if you value your lists!

Setup an account some time ago, tried to login to it today only to find it was closed, asked them why to be told complaints were too high (which I know they weren't).

Asked them for proof of high complaints, they refused and proceeded to shut down my other 2 accounts one of which was used for just JV emails and I know for a fact didn't have a single complaint in it.

Ok I thought its not i'll move somewhere else that wants my business, asked them for a backup of my accounts and they refused to give me a backup of my leads, the leads I paid them to collect on my behalf and take 1 click for them to backup and they refuse.

Luckily I back them up fairly regularly but still lost the last few days leads, just another company getting too big for their boots and forgetting about the people that pay their wages /rant
#aweber #scammers

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