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What's up Warriors!
I'm completely new to IM and am looking to get my feet wet in a hurry. My main concern is an obvious one: whose advice can i trust? the internet is filled with a million and one ways to "make money" but i am unsure of who has viable strategies. i've seen a few programs centered around building an e-mail list using solo ads and ad swapping. is this a viable means of building a profitable list or should i look elsewhere?

Thanks in advance!!
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    yep you can build a list with solo ads and ad swaps, their are many other ways too... But if this is a method you are interested in then go for it, and don't change paths. You definitely want to build a list. More specifically a buyers list. You could build your list using solo ads and ad swapping and have a $1 OTO for example... You won't make money from the sale, but you'll be building a buyers list. Use the list that doesn't buy for ad swapping or clickbanking... And then you won't have to buy any traffic while building up your buyers list the whole time... Couple or courses com to mind... Paul Nicholls Avalanche list building and a guy named Nathan zadworny has a nice email marketing product to show you how to market to that buyers list. I think bill hugall has a free course showing how to setup landing page for building your list called the simple affiliate... PM me I'll give you my OTO (for personal use) to get you started in the basics buddy. Hope this helps😊
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    Yes there are certainly many 'how to make money online' opportunities.

    The thing that you want to make sure of that you are partnered with a company or someone who has proven results and a proven business model in place that does get results.

    There are many courses out there telling you how to make lots of money in a short period of time. Usually those people who promote those types of courses etc are people that have had years of experience... so they are at a point of making good money online... however it is challenging for a newbie online as they will be going through a learning process.

    So being new... then just understand that there will be skills you will have to learn and be prepared to look at your online business long term... not a get rich quick thing.

    You will definitely have to learn how to market online. Most important because once you know how to market online... you can market anything.

    You will need to identify who your target market will be.

    Don't be overwhelmed by what I am sharing with you... just approach it like a business. Get prepared and build foundations in your online business.

    I have found solo ads to be a good source of building a list. You want to make sure that you are building your list and building a relationship with your list as well. You will discover it's all about building relationships and any good and accomplished online marketer will share the same.

    If you want to bounce any ideas off me then send me a message.

    Happy to help out.



    Tiffany Mika

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      thank you for the replies!
      now that i have some clarification that this strategy is legit i will begin to educate myself more on the process. i will be pm'ing both of you, thanks.
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    I am a newbie too.

    I am in a coaching program where they helped builtd my squeeze page, blog and a FB page.

    My coach now has me driving traffic to a squeeze page using two types of traffic. One paid and one free. The free is Article Marketing and the paid is Solo Ads. My coach wants me to learn and focus on these only.

    My article will be ready for posting by next week and I will also be doing the Solo Ads next week, too. In the meantime, I am reviewing course materials and reviewing the Warrior Forum which is an awesome place.

    Just thought I'd share that newbie-to-newbie.
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    Yes, I am a newbie too.

    I am learning to build my list but not sure how to build the relationship with my list.

    Anyone or any site should I go to look for suggestions or help ? I don't know where to start from to build the relationship and nurture the list. Sounds good, but how to do it.

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      Ask your list what they want to know about or need help with. You can do this with a survey, or by direct response. Segment your list based on the various response categories, for example, driving traffic, building a list, affiliate marketing. Once you have done this, provide help and information to each list based on their wants/needs. Much more effective than a "one size fits all" type autoresponder series.
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    you build a relationship with the emails. some coaching programs have their own emails that they give you to send. i have used to coaches and they were great. they know what converts. please share your coaches i think people would like to know.
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    You build your relationship with your auto-responder follow up series. Be yourself and be real. In a sense, be your own character. Boring sucks.... think out of the box. Put yourself in their shoes (they are not a number, they are a person) Who would you want to make friends with? Offer benefits and advantages. Have a solution to their problems. Be your own voice. Never copy and paste swipe files. Alter them, but make them your own. Give 2-3 cookies of quality content before asking for anything. These are just a few ways to make a friend. Have FUN!
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      I agree with everything here. Take ToBeFree's advice on building that relationship.

      The key is, people will not buy from someone they don't know, like and trust. To build this up, it will happen over time and by all means, be yourself, be honest, and not only communicate with them via email, but also use facebook to post personal things from your life, like your latest vacation, other life events, in addition to business stuff.

      In addition, post here and on other forums, use twitter, and let your list how they can connect with you. Email them your facebook and twitter info and encourage them to connect with you there.

      If you offer good information that really helps them, plus you're a real person with a personality, and they know about your personal life, they will begin to treat you with respect and trust. When you get to this point, you'll have arrived.

      The point is, you need to creating RAVING FANS, and that doesn't happen overnight. It takes time.

      In the beginning, this is quite a lot to take on, but IMO it's necessary. Once you've done it, you can then sit back, but not before.
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    Trust no one.

    There is no right or wrong and eventually you want to do your own thing, your own way anyway.

    That'll be your unique selling point.

    In my opinion it's best to start doing and perhaps to seek out courses and information from the marketers you like to follow.

    And if I was to follow anyone, it'd be the old school direct response marketing guys. The Gary Halbert's and Bencivenga's of the world.
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      Originally Posted by Big Al View Post

      Trust no one.

      And if I was to follow anyone, it'd be the old school direct response marketing guys. The Gary Halbert's and Bencivenga's of the world.
      And definitely add Dan Kennedy to that list. He's as old school as they get...

      A powerful perspective on persuasion

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    I think a great program for newer internet marketers is Tiny Little Businesses put out by Andre Chaperon. You will get a very solid foundation to start your IM journey!

    Bill Essley ----->

    Let's Connect on Facebook

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    Hi cynesyn,

    As someone that has been making a full-time income online since 2008, in particular with email marketing, let me answer both your questions...

    Who should you listen to? Only listen to those that you know are actually achieving what you want to be achieving in your online business.

    Is adswapping and solo ads a good business model? No! It used to be years ago, but the nature of it has changed dramatically (in the MMO/IM space) over the last few years and the quality of the traffic is terrible. I would go into it.
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    Agree with many of the above comments. Trusting people on the internet is not easy, and building an email list is basically getting your message out there somehow. Solo ads was the big thing some time ago, and it still works to some extent....just make sure you buy from people with good lists. Most solo ad sellers today have built their lists only with adswapping and solo ads... meaning many of them have the same people on their list.
    So, try to learn other ways to get traffic like PPC, Youtube etc...
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