Looking To Learn Segmenting Strategies

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I am sending out emails roughly once a week to about 20,000 recipients, using GetResponse.

Usually the main body of the message is focused on the specific benefit of one or two features of a product we sell. I usually have a Request Quote link, and a "You May Also Like" section below highlighting a few related products.

Anyone have any resources on how to work these segments?

My idea is to isolate the few thousand people that clicked on a "you may also like" link, for instance, and send them an email highlighting that specific product. Are there any resources for best practices or strategy?

My concern is upsetting potential customers with too many emails and I don't want to jump into trial and error and burn half our list before figuring it out. I'd like to be able to go in with some idea of how to execute it, even though I know every niche and every list will be different.
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