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Hi y'all,

I've got a small niche list (freelance writing) and got decent open rates (20-30% every email) but I was wondering how I can increase this.

How important is the headline of the email? Or it has more to do with the value offered? I only send content there, no promotions so far...

I built this list with organic traffic (forum, through blog and social media mainly).

Thanks so much for all the help. Stay awesome

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    The headline is very imporant. It is what grabs their attention. Think of it as the first impression.

    Good luck.
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    Pay attention to your email stats

    Look at the titles that get higher than average opens

    What do they have in common?

    Come up with a guess and apply that to your next update's title

    Did the open rate improve?

    If not, come up with another variation and try again.

    When testing, make sure you segment your mailing list so you don't message people repeatedly with the same email body.
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    Dude... 20-30% open rates isnt bad at all!
    This is true.

    To increase personalize the message using their name.

    1. When people first sign up, create a confirmed opt-in
    2. In confirmed opt-in make sure they drag the email from spam or promotion folder into inbox. This way the email will always be showing up in inbox.
    3. Personalize using their name in subject.
    4. In email provide amazing value and always leave them wanting more. i.e. saying you have a special post coming up about (solving their main problem, or secondary problem)
    5. Ask them what their biggest struggle is. This will give you insight into who is most engaged, And what you can talk about.
    6. Sell something! Not necessarily for money. But get your users used to taking action. Clicking on link. Sharing their story. If you get them used to taking action, asking for them buy product won't be that big of a deal.
    7. For people that respond to your email, send them a personalized video email. This will help them become advocates for you and not just board subscribers.
    8. Delete people who don't take action off of your email list. Send a message stating, this is the last email they will get from you if they do not respond. Then delete them off list.

    Good Luck!
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      As Rocket Fuel pointed, Personalized videos have really good conversions (54% better than a normal video), but if you are using them in your emails, you really need to grab their attention before (email subject line and first email frases). You can build confidence and community by creating the kind of content your main audience really want to read about. If you are directing your messages to profesional people, take into consideration that their inbox may be full (always). Use lat minute "content" offers, special deals, live testimonies, webinars, and engage with them before, during and after they have done something. For example, if they registered for a webinar, then you can use than information as an interest score, send them a personalized video to promote the webinar, interview them to know their experience or even ask them for some of their expetise to be shared with the rest of the community.
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    You don't really require too much. Here are some parts of my notes on getting high open rates:

    1. Use looooooooong subject lines like : OOOOOOOOOOOOPEN MEEEE. Just to grab attention.
    2. You can use spammy subject lines but be very careful. Things like “order confirmation” etc.
    3. Attention grabbing symbols and curiosity emails like: “Is this yours?”
    4. Google symbols and webdings characters and use them.
    5. Shorter emails can also get high open rates as long as they grab attention. Ex " Uh oh..."
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  • If you write the email first, you can then scan through the whole email, pick out a sentence or phrase that you feel will grab people, and then twist it around to create a powerful subject line. You then have a very relevant subject line that doesn't rely on any gimmicks.

    Just a thought.

    Controversial subject lines work well. So do bizarre subject lines. But try not to come off like you're desperate for people to open the mail.

    Personally, I don't get why people look for gimmicks to get their emails opened. Unless you're building a list full of free loading peasants and "get rich quick" dumb asses, you should try to be as authentic as possible moving forward. Filter the right people in and out of your list.
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    Your Business and Marketing IQ

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    If you send valuable information then increase your inbox open rate .so try to send valuable information your content
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    actually, i was looking for the way too, and i have collected some way, glad to share with you, first, the content must be very interesting and funny, the title must be simple but can easy know what you are talking about,there are many way to attract people's eyes, so i suggest you to learn how to write a good start for your content, if you are still confusion, i am glad to have a chat with you
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    Ideally what you should care about first is your ROI, or conversion rates of what ever you are selling,
    then you can come to open rates.
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    There only one way to increase your open rates.

    Your emails have to provide a real value.

    Everything else, is just gimmicks. They will provide temporary spike in open rates in short term. But, disappointed by you subscribers will lose interest in the long run.

    I am not saying don't use subject lines or other tricks to encourage better open rates.

    They are all good and useful, but not on their own.

    But at the end of the day if your emails are of value, people will open them no matter how you call them.

    Your emails are the deciding factor.

    Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value - Albert Einstein

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    The most important things are 1. How you built the list 2. Who is in the 'From' name when you send an email 3. The subject line and 4. The first sentence of your email has to draw them in
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