Are Email Signatures a Thing of The Past?

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Placing links to business at the closing
of your email - is that like an early 21st
century thing? Do you all still apply these
strategies to direct traffic?

With email providers like Google controlling
when your signatures get seen, I am wondering
if this is a waste of time.
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    Never underestimate e-mail. I have not conversed with a company yet that doesn't use a signature.

    -nmwf, online since 1995.
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    I always have my signature in my emails. I have it set automatically so I don't forget.
    You can't lose and you may win if you do it.

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    in my opinion, email signature is an important parts of the email content where your subscribers are able to interact with you thru it or you can put a little affiliate link to promote your products...

    there is no right or wrong in it...
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    You 100% should use an email signature. But it doesn't have to be a boring link. I use my signature to brand my name, and offer social sharing options. Gets some good social signals to my stuff, and adds my brand-able mug to every email.

    Signatures won't be the reason you get rich... but they help!
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    How does Gmail have an impact on signatures reaching their inboxes? If any.

    As you may know they don't always show automatically.
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    I would recommend using one for sure. It might only make things better
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    I think, It could be good to use Signature. At least you can send some info to your destination into this way too. For example about sales promotion or smth else
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    Email signature can help to build email list. Add a link to your and your employees' signatures that leads people to a landing page where they can sign up for your mailing list.
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