Best List Cleaning Service?

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Hey guys-
I have a list, double opt-in (yes, my own list, not bought or scraped) of over 100,000 subs. I want to try to re-ignite it and start using it again. I'm looking for a good and CHEAP list cleaner service that will catch typos, bad emails, and check if it's an active email account (prevent hard bounces) before I upload to a Email Service Provider. Who do you recommend?
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    You need to think about the phrase "good and CHEAP" and figure out which matters more to you. If this is a legit double opt-in list @100k, I have no idea why you would want a cheap service even looking at it. You do realize they could clean the list and then swipe it correct?

    Also, how old is this list? Are we talking prior to the US laws changing or a few years? I have a few very large lists that are unfortunately junk because of the changes to the laws.
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    If you have small list of only 100k to clean then use

    Most services like impressionwise have a min requirement
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    Excellent point. What US laws are you referring to? This IS a legit double opt in- from my previous business, 100% all my generated leads/customers. The customers joined the list 1-3 years ago, but- most have been contacted within the last 12 months, so these are ones who have NOT opted out or complained. They joined, maintained and contacted via MailChimp and Mad Mimi.
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    Go to Fiverr and do a search.
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    So, just anyone on Fiverr is good and trustworthy? I've had nothing but horrible fivverr experiences, honestly.
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      Be sure to check their feedback before ordering.
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        Originally Posted by vuedoolor View Post

        If you have small list of only 100k to clean then use
        Excuse my ignorance... 100k is considered small?

        Originally Posted by Specter View Post

        What US laws are you referring to?
        This I would like to know too!


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  • I wouldnt even recommend using a cleaning service if you know it is double opt in,
    Just mail from 2nd grade server and remove bounces then you have clean list with no bounces.
    Upload the clean list to a inbox smtp and thats it, job done
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    Hey Matthew- Thanks for the reply. Can you explain what a 2nd Grade server is? Also- an inbox SMTP- do you mean like Outlook, or a main stream service, like Aweber?

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    Please read this article in detail

    How to clean email lists? An honest review of different email list cleaning tools

    I hope this helps...
    Signature Email marketing service , single and double optin accounts. List Hygiene Service Available.
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    If you want list scoring and verification, the best service out there is Sift Logic.
    If your running GI email, the best service is Impression Wise.
    For verification only, Brite Verify is likely the best.
    If you have further questions or want more details about any of these, you can contact me directly.
    I have personal relationships with all of these companies right now.
    Let's Connect On Skype: Kyle.Shea.777 | LeadsPlusData.Com - View All Data Here
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    rather than look for list cleaner service... why dont you do it your own...sent few emails to your 100,000 subs.. check how many clicks you get from that 100,000 subs.. how many percentage bounce many open your emails... how many they dont open your emails... from there... filter it out...
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    Thank you very much.

    One and only one Best Web Hosting Companies discount coupon code available

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    I think you can download Email Worker have a try, it can clean your bad email list.
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