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Hello to all, First of all Forgive me if this question disturbs you because this is very very common question ,but I want to be clear about my issue thats why i am asking,
I am iOS developer so dont know very much about sending email.
ok here i tell you short story . From last 3-4 years i have been collecting emails from different sources . . . extracting emails from my /friends /relatives email accounts.Some of the list i have purchased from one of my client.

So if i combine them all they are aprox 80000 emails. and i know very well that from 80k at-least 50k are 100% ok emails because i know its source where i took.

So here is my question . . I have listen very much about affiliate marketing and i want to do that. and i have tried from MailChimp . When i import less then 300 contacts then it works very good and all the things work perfectly but when i import greater then 300 then MailChimp say the emails are not valid . i have tried multiple mailchimp accounts to check this thing .

What should i do. . i have the list of valid emails but my doors seems close to me to earn any money..
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    you can try GetResponse , to build up ur list...but you need to know that all 80k email address that you have...some of them might not active... so build up ur list in GetResponse, then sent out some emails to know the open rate and click-thru rate...(how many of them open your email and click on the link), from there you remove and filter out those who are not active in your 80k email address list
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  • You need a service which allows you to import your leads, no chance GR/AW or any other will allow you.
    Most will not let you do this, you are saying you are sure only about 50k out of 80k... that could be a HUGE bounce rate which will cause problems for anybody to deliver.

    First I would recommend you clean the list, then use a good mass mail smtp service to upload and mail.

    Hope that helps!

    P.S I just seen you said "extracting emails from my /friends /relatives email accounts"
    What kind of way to build a list is this?!

    Best thing to do is build a list that you know are intrested in a service and then mail direct to them.
    Otherwise sounds like you are just extracting/harvesting mails and wanting to spam them, this is Not recommended and illegal in many parts of the world
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