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Hi all, first time posting here, hoping someone might be able to help me out and that I'll be able to contribute to the community somehow..

My situation is this: I'm currently working for a brand with some really really great blog content that's in English, but who operate in markets all round the world (ie, in lots of countries where English isn't the native language).

The company sends out a regular newsletter and my question is whether it's ok to link non-english speaking customers to English language content if we make it clear in the email that the link will go to an English language site?

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    my suggestion to you is that to link them to English website.. because there are alots of languages all around the world... dont think you can cover all of it...

    they do have a webpage translator for that solutions but i wont suggest you to use it.. because some is direct translation which is not that accurate..
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    In short: yes. If you have "(English)" included in the the link then I see no issue with you linking non-English speaking audiences. As a previous poster suggested, it's probably more efficient than translating to all your markets, and it's definitely better than doing bad translations into different languages.
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      Thanks both - great to get someone else's thoughts on this.

      There's a part of me that still feels that even sending the non-english speaking customers a link to English content isn't a great customer experience, and I wonder if any negative impact of doing this might outweigh the positive impact we want the content to have?

      Guess there's only one way to find out!
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        I think that most of your customers speaks English, it's after all the most popular language in the world righ now. They shouldn't have a problem with content in English.
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