Which autoresponders have the best delivery rates to primary folder?

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So, I'm not sure if my question is clear...

I'm trying to figure out which autoresponders have the best chance of avoiding the "Promotions" tab in Gmail. I noticed a few marketer's emails I receive tend to show up directly in my primary tab, which is excellent for open rates. (Pure Leverage is one I've seen)

I currently use Aweber and my messages always seem to deliver to the Promotions tab. It seems like Gmail automatically looks for the words "Aweber" in the message and filters that stuff to "Promotions". I still get decent open rates from Gmail users, but I'm looking to improve them.

Does anyone know which autoresponders services are best for avoiding the Promotions tab? Or what factors come into play when trying to hit the Primary tab with your messages?

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    They will all do it- the trick is in the follow up email. You need to have a reason and give them instructions on white listing your emails.

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    I think it's less about the service you use and more about the content of the email. I get mail from some lists that ends up in both the primary and in promotions. They're using the same service so the only variable is the content of the email. If it comes off as salesy or has a lot of html it lands in promotions, but if it's more conversational it ends up in primary.

    If they targeted aweber emails to land in promotions they would do it for all major email services, and they don't. So test each email before you send it and see where it ends up. Test 2 completely different types of emails (even if you'd never send them to your list) and see where they land.

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    DON T use IMAGES. DELETE ALL images in you mail body,
    don t use block capitals.
    Don t use to many colors in your text!

    AVOID "sale" words like "free homage", "click here", "buy" etc....!!

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    Until very recently, all of my email went through aweber...and My aweber emails don't automatically go to the promotions tab...I find that some go there and some do not...like folks are saying it appears to be based more on the content of the email than the mail service...

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    I think it also depends on how many folks open your emails...so if you send stuff that nobody opens...it is more likely to go in the promotions tab...

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    Thanks everyone. I'll keep testing, adding and take away elements until I find the culprit pushing it into "promotions".

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    Think of the Gmail Promotions Tab as the “Junior Spam Folder”
    Try this out

    No more than 1 clickable link per message.
    No images at all.
    Keep the common “marketing or sales” phrases to a minimum.

    To know more or if you need any sorts of help
    E-mail : s.m.asif@zestapps.com

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    hey! you can also use this free service before you send... it's not perfect but it help
    Which Gmail tab will your email appear under? >> https://litmus.com/gmail-tabs

    Hope this helps!

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    Have you tried changing the domain you are using?

    Have you tried doing any testing to see if any changes would work?

    I have had really good luck with Getresponse and Gmail primary. It's the one thing that getresponse delivers consistently for me.
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    Hi All,

    Thanks again for everyone's advice. I kept testing and figured out that the picture of myself under my signature was making it go to the "Promotions" tab in gmail. That was the last thing I took out when testing which made it go to "Primary" gmail tab.


    Now I can slowly start adding back in some of the elements I took out (aweber tracking links, highlighted font, etc).

    I just wanted to provide this update/solution in case any one else had the same problem. It was just that one single picture in my aweber broadcast email that made it go to the gmail "Promotions" tab.

    The picture that caused the problem wasn't even linking to anything (it was originally, but I changed that during my testing). Just a plain picture caused the shift from "Primary" to "Promotions".

    Crazy huh?

    Oh well, at least I figured it out. I hope this helps someone else.


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