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I am not having much luck with my email marketing. what tips would you advise on?

How many times a week should you send emails to followers?
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    how big is your list? how did you get the list? how many emails are they used to getting a week?
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    You should be emailing your list everyday but not just to sell to them, but also to give them information that they will find helpful.

    For more IM tips and strategies check out:


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    Originally Posted by Startupily View Post

    I am not having much luck with my email marketing. what tips would you advise on?
    How many times a week should you send emails to followers?
    Does your list comes from an opt-in? Because if it does then there might be a problem with how you approach these people. On the other hand this list is a bought email list then it is most likely to be considered as spam.

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    I also have no luck with email marketing campaign, even when I offer something free.
    I have tested that I made phone calls to people that I had sent email, then the result was better.
    So, I think we should combine email marketing with other methods (telesales, or social media marketing as well).
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    i suggest immediate followup after optin, introduction, what your gonna be sharing, how often they can expect to hear from you
    and ask them to whitelist your emails, so they "dont miss" any valuable content
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    Why not post one of your emails with subject line so we can see what it looks like. Of course, omit any links.


    "Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work." Thomas Edison

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    You should send daily same time one email to your followers it's great way to engage followers.
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    Originally Posted by Startupily View Post

    I am not having much luck with my email marketing. what tips would you advise on?

    How many times a week should you send emails to followers?
    Follow ups ever other day with most of my Lists. And sprinkle in a few Broadcasts a week to keep relevant and up to date.

    Write as a conversationalist when doing your emails. Be engaging and talk to your List as if you are talking to a friend....casual but poignant !!

    - Robert Andrew

    Nothing to see here including a Sig so just move on :)

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    Can somebody please say something about the format of Email in Email Marketing? How should we begin and how should we end the message?
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    I think you ought to send some kind of informative and useful stuff to the followers so that they will get more knowledge and they want to catch up the email for this purpose otherwise doing the email is of no use. So you better take care of this, that your followers add up it in the white list there and never miss you email and want to get want on daily basis or whatever you like.
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    Originally Posted by Startupily View Post

    I am not having much luck with my email marketing. what tips would you advise on?

    How many times a week should you send emails to followers?

    What is your open rate? Are you using any platform for sending these mass emails? What is the source of getting these emails?

    I believe things like getting a prospect from an opt-in form has got a higher chance of open rate. But again, It depends on lot of things.

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    What is the subject interest of that email list? What did they sign up for?
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    How is your Email Marketing system setup?

    How big of a list do you have?

    One of my coaches would mail every single day. Another would be 5 days a week, Monday to Friday.

    Now the key is the type of emails you send. Content, promotional or a mix.

    Another factor is the price of the product: High ticket, mid ticket or low ticket.

    This may help.

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  • Subject title needs to catch attention and make the lead wanna open it up and read...
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    Have you big list if yes then you should write attractive subject title and attention the audience and audience impress your email and see him.
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      to give you advise.

      Always provide value in your emails. For example in my emails I provide a weekly digest or so that people can read. Do not center your emails around the company but around your customer.

      Include nice and high quality images. The copy should be short and succinct - not so much bla bla.

      I could provide you with awesome tips for headlines that will increase your opening rates considerably. My emails have 50-80% opening rates.

      As for click rates, include educational content as well as place your links in the upfold of emails because people do not like to scroll all the way down always.

      If you have more questions, contact me.
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    1. Pick niche
    2. Create free gift that helps people with problem in that niche
    3. Create squeeze page offering the free gift
    4. Send traffic to squeeze page
    5. Redirect them to one time offer after they optin (this how you make money quick)
    6. Send list emails that help them get one step closer to their ultimate goal. An easy way to provide value and make money is "Content + Soft Sell". Give people a tip then tell them if they want more cool stuff like this check out this product...

    Hope that helps
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    sign up for some other marketers lists or pay attention to the mailings you're already receiving. What types of subject lines get YOU to open their emails? What types of content and writing styles get YOU to click links? Don't just copy and paste these, but try to mirror the ones that really make you want to read and click.

    Just as important, notice which emails make you want to unsubscribe. Notice what styles and methods piss you off. Avoid those in your own mailings.

    You have to stay in regular contact with your list, or it will go dead. Unless you're going for a churn and burn approach, you have to provide engaging content, or your list will go dead. You should avoid hammering your list with blatant, hypey promo after promo. You should not avoid selling to your list... after all, you do want to make money, right?

    Treat your list the way you like to be treated as a subscriber.

    Don't promote crap. If subscribers by a crappy product on your recommendation, you just lost credibility.

    If you're promoting some big launch (be careful, lots of these are mediocre products designed to make the creators and affiliates money, while providing value to the customer is an afterthought... the launch itself is the focus, rather than the product) don't send out the same pre-written swipe as every other lazy marketer. Your subscribers are going have enough of that same hypey BS email in their inbox that week. Give them something unique, something personal. Give them a reason to read YOUR email and click YOUR link.
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    Do you have good html-email template? if know, get it. Design of your mails is very important for users
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