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For about 7 years I've run a website related to fantasy sports. Over the years I've build-up a membership of 23K+ users, of which over 10K have agreed to subscribe to my newsletter (of which I haven't sent one in 2-3 years).

My site is currently free, which means there is next to zero budget for supporting a 10K+ newsletter base. Plus, even if I started sending a newsletter, I currently have nothing to sell them.

I'm planning on instituting a "freemium" system this year whereby users can upgrade their account for a fee, and I'm wondering if I should wait until this is complete before I purchase a big plan from someone like AWeber.

Even if I try to migrate those users to AWeber, my understanding is that they'll still need to "opt-in", which means the actual subscriber base could easily drop into the 2-3 thousand range.

Should I go ahead and make the investment to start communicating with these users so that when I have something to sell I'll already have had established a relationship with them? Or, should I wait until I have something to actually sell to them?
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