Email Newsletter - How Frequent Do You Redesign It???

by pjman
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I have been sending HTML/TXT email newsletters for my web sites for about 15 years now. They account for 30% of my sales. I rarely redesign the HTML versions of the newsletter and never redesign the TXT versions.

Two weeks ago I ran into a friend that gave me the push to actually try it. So I outsourced the redesign to a super reputable firm that tested it under every email client (known to man) and I tried it.

What do you know, 397% increase in clicks and a 476% increase in sales average over the last 2 I sent. Usually I initially see a big lift (like this) and then it settles down over time. With those kinds of results, it's obvious users get use to the same old, same old.

My question is how often do you guys redesign your HTML and/or text email templates for a list you regularly send to? Obviously I'm not talking sales pitch emails, just regular weekly mails for updates or newsletter purposes.
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    Honestly, most of my emails I have spent months and even years working on and designing. When I am through (up til now at least) it is more or less Set and Forget.

    That has worked for me and that has been efficient for me.

    But if going back and changing some things here and there like you did with outsourcing improves your results then by all means I'm for that

    Just hadn't found a need for it.
    But I maybe I ought to look into it more !

    - Robert Andrew
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    My emails I tweak until they convert, then I let them run their course, if I see them becoming less effective then I change them up again.

    When thinking about the design of the email so graphics etc this may have to be visited as times change. I guess this is done to personal preference and niche.
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    I never use images in HTML, I use CSS to the max. Test it, with my niche it works great!
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      I usually do a yearly refresh of the design. However, at the beginning of this year I overhauled the code of every template I use, as mobile opens have now overtaken desktop. This meant that every template (no matter how simple) has to render correctly on small screens (as little as 300px)

      If you are using straightforward text templates, you should be OK, but HTML templates do need progressive or responsive coding to look good across all devices. If you are outsourcing these, get them checked on Litmus or Email on Acid - you get instant screen grabs across all the different devices and browsers. You can buy PAYG credits for these services or take advantage of the 7 days free trial, to get started.

      In terms of content, I monitor the email program on a weekly basis for opens, clicks and unsubscribes, tweaking the message if necessary. On a monthly basis, I do an in-depth report, looking at the health of the overall list and ways to reduce the churn rate.
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    well... we all are in the process of tweaking and testing from time to time... in order to get the higher click rate, higher clickthru rate, lower unsubscribe ppl...
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