What does your Customer autoresponder series look like? How many pitches to start?

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Hi Warriors!

I have customer lists and at this time I have no affiliate offers in my autoresponder series. I basically just use my lists to send a broadcast out every once in a while if there's a product update or if I'm promoting an affiliate offer ...but no series of emails really right after they purchase.

So my question is...

What does your autoresponder series look like after they purchase? And what is too much and will hurt that customer relationship (meaning how many offers is too many)?

So right now it's just:

Day 1: Thank you email ...then nothing else unless I do a broadcast to everyone

Should it be something more like:

Day 1: Thank you + 2nd email promoting something related

Day 2: Nothing

Day 3: promote same thing I promoted on day 1 ...one more time

Day 4: nothing

Day 5: helpful article

Day 6: Promote something new...

...what do you do? What has worked best?
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    I would say that this model is great if you are selling hard to your email list. If you want to build a long following I would say that this method will definitely burn your list out but as long as your adding new subscribers daily you would be good.
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    Your best bet: analyze the competition. Opt-in to their lists, learn how they do it, then do it better.

    Cheers - Tom

    I Coach: Learn More | My Latest WF Thread: Dead Domains/ Passive Traffic

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    i would suggest you to do on something like this...
    Day 0 - thank you email + your product link
    Day 1 - promote your product
    Day 2 - promote your product
    Day 3 - article/content base related to your niche
    Day 4 - article/content base related to your niche

    continue with 3 affilate products and 2 content email... as a cycle

    you can go to clickbank.com or jvzoo.com to promote their products....
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      Day 1- Thank You and intro. with a download in my first Follow up message
      a Follow up every other day for my 30 day E course.

      Recycle the best ones after that Include PM links to Products that will further help them with their problems.

      - Robert Andrew
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    Hey Web Guy,

    I'd say 0 pitches. "WHAT??!?" Let me explain.. I find the best/most effective way is buy sending them an email series (step by step, 1 step per day) on how to overcome a problem they are facing and just use affiliate links to link products they NEED to have in order for it to work.

    Then send them another free product and then do a sales email, where all you say is "Hey, if you like the stuff I'm showing you, you might want to check this out.. (Affiliate link) Talk soon"

    That's best in my opinion, but everyone's different.

    Hope that helped!

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