How Much Money Could YOU Make with a Mailing List of 150,000 People Interested in Recipes & Cooking

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Just a question...
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    hey there

    The niche itself is a very lucrative one but it depends on some things :-

    • How targeted is your email list?
    • What is the level of good will that you have provided?
    • Have you treated your subscribers as people or an ATM?
    Just a few things to think about
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    Hey Larron,

    I know you probably hear this a lot regarding this question, but it honest depends..

    Let's say that 20% of people opened it and clicked on the link that's 30,000 people! If only 5% actually bought whatever it is 1,500 sales! And if you recieve a 50% commission on a $20 eBook you'll be sitting at a whopping $15,000 in one email blast!

    Now that's a lot of "If's" so now you see why it depends. Once you get those accurate numbers just redo that math and you'll have your answer!

    Hope that helps

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    What Adam said.

    Depends completely on what you're selling and how engaged your list members are. But I sure as heck would be trying to sell them something.

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    If they are active you can make a lot of money.
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    how would you guys make money on a mailing list comprised of cooking enthusiasts? i've tried a few recipe books, but that's about it... it's been not bad, but i think it could be much better.
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    Go to Clickbank and some other affiliate networks. Find a few virtual products, some hard products and some service based products. Use the best-converting offers across the 3 types and you should walk away with 5 figures or higher on a 150,000 person list.

    Copywriting and your email flow will be most important.

    If someone doesn't open, switch up the headline and send the email again 2 days later. Rinse and repeat this up to 3 times and you'll see a much higher overall open rate and conversion rate.
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    If you bought this list then not much at all

    If you built this list on your own using a proper opt-in, and, you have provided some informative and valuable emails to this list then the earning potential is endless

    The Flu? Not worthy of a mention here???
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    it's not about how many people you have in your list, it's about the quality of your list, are there targeted people?
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    You will generate $100000000
    Just kidding...No idea..
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    Ask Ron Douglas. He's been pretty heavy in that space for years and has all but tapped it to it's fullest potential.

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    Originally Posted by emailarron View Post

    Just a question...
    Depends on how I got the list...

    Did I buy them?

    Did I build the list the right way?

    Did I do a product launch?

    So many questions

    So this is pretty hard to answer lol


    Isaiah Jackson
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    I know a guy who made an insane amount of money with e-commerce, selling professional quality kitchen knives (only reason he got out was because another company overpaid for his entire business.) With a 150k list you could realistically start a kitchen wares e-commerce site. With a business like that you can somewhat control your sales volume with paid adverting. I believe you have to collect state taxes if the business does 4 million/year in revenue and it might be better at that point to branch off and own multiple companies/brands. I'm not saying you could get to that point with that list alone but it would certainly get you moving in the right direction. If that list is legit (sounds a little big to be completely legit) then I would definitely consider what would ultimately be the most profitable thing you could do but that does involve a lot of work on your end putting it all together; warehouse, loan, building relationships with suppliers/distributors, hiring employees, domain acquisition, getting the site professionally designed and running, and then either building a marketing team or doing that yourself. I personally would not trust anybody but myself with an ad-spend budget unless there was no way around it.
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