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Hey guys, I'm a noob and I'm trying to setup my first affiliate marketing operation. The product/site I'm trying to promote offers a lot of affiliate tools/content.

My plan is to:

- buy a domain and set up a squeeze page, offering some of their content as an incentive
- have an autoresponder email new signups daily with some more content and links to their sales page(s)


My questions are...

1. What is the ideal content to be sent as the daily emails to new signups to my email list? I'm mainly interested in converting new email signups to customers. Is it better to create my own emails to load to the autoresponder, or should I use provided content (this is much easier of course) as email correspondence to newly captured email addresses? What autoresponder do you guys recommend?

2. The site I'm promoting has, aside from their main sales page, a newly created funnel which they claim is MUCH more effective. For this I would send my traffic (either cold or after I've already captured their email address) to their funnel page (with my aff. link) where THEY capture the prospect's email and proceed to email them 4 free videos and follow up emails. If prospect buys within 60 days, I get a commission.

Do you guys have any thoughts on this - pros/cons to sending my traffic to their funnel?

I have thought of having an initial series of emails go out to new signups link to the main sales page, and then after X number of days if they haven't purchased, start pushing said funnel. (BTW how do I know who buys and who doesn't and is there some way for people who have purchased to be removed from continuing email sales correspondence from me?)

I'm wondering what the ideal approach is here, and how you guys would recommend directing new signups to my list.

3. Is there an ideal number of emails to be autoresponder-sent to newly captured addresses? Is it recommended that I send auto-generated emails to new signups for X number of days, and then add those email addresses to ones I manually email? Or is there a better approach?

There is a second product in this niche which I'm interested in promoting as well. Is it advisable to auto-send emails to newly captured addresses pitching the first product for some time and then gear the continuingly auto-sent emails towards the second product?
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    1. you can load 10-15 emails in the autoresponders....after that you can send out 3 promotional emails, 2 content email as a cycle to your list... to increase the open rate and click thru rate.
    autoresponders part... you can test it out for Aweber and GetResponse

    2. dont think you will be to track who purchase your products and who didnt, all you can do is promote to them... but not hard sell to them..
    one of the way to redirect new signups will be thru paid traffic... solo ads

    3. same answer for 1

    you can PM me for my assistant...
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