Looking to purchase a quality attorney email list (US)

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I normally wouldn't go the email list route in most cases, but I've got a new site l'd like to utilize "cold" emailing in the US attorney/lawyer space.

Looking to purchase a quality email list with valid, preferably opt in, emails for individual lawyers and firms in the US.

Doesn't have to be mega huge, but a decent size would be nice. More recent, quality over quantity.

If anyone has anything, please let me know. The options via Google searches are overwhelming and questionable.

Willing to give a bonus/percentage of any commissions of site sign ups to the list provider as well.

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    you can purchase solo ads in udimi.com.. they have lots of sellers there with good reputations..
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      Originally Posted by askmarcus View Post

      you can purchase solo ads in udimi.com.. they have lots of sellers there with good reputations..
      Admit I don't know much about SOLO ads but how is that anything to do with Email lists? What;s the angel on SOLO ads I thought it was just mostly for bizop seekers?

      Happy new Year 2019

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    I love Udimi.com, am a hall of fame member there and an officially rated buyer, so this isn't the blind leading the blind.

    More to the point - if you're looking specifically for lawyers, Udimi.com probably isn't for you.

    It wouldn't hurt to ask of course, but I find the majority of solo ad vendors on that site are in the "mass market" niches; self help, weight loss, Internet marketing, make money, etc.

    I would recommend that you contact https://www.infousa.com and ask them if they have lists of lawyers or legal firm businesses.

    Even if they don't, I would ask them how to get a hold of that type of lead, they may be able to point you in the right direction.

    Wish you the best, and please remember that the world is yours.

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    Sellers have listed quite a few attorney email lists on Lead Roster.

    We're currently building a demand-measuring system for the buy side of the platform, but for now if you just contact support I'm sure we can help match you with a seller who can nail the type of targeting you're looking for.
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    AMV - Our Marketing Technology Company

    Latest Product: Lead Roster - Buy & Sell Leads Online
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    Hey buddy, I have a list of about 200 immigration lawyers and attorneys that I scraped together while doing a project not too long ago. I would be happy to share that with you if you want to talk on the side line.

    Other then that, I would recommend using Fiverr sellers to help you create a list. Just have them search for specific types of attorneys, in certain areas, and ask them to build spreadsheets for you.

    Honestly, I think I paid like $15 total for a guy to find all of these 200 attorneys.

    There are lawyer databases online that are publicly searchable, but I can tell you from experience, cold emailing attorneys doesn't work too well...
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