Why are my email autoresponder series that I have setup NOT helping my customer conversions at all?

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I have a 7 email autoresponder series that I send out evey 7 days after the users registers on my website.

However, based on the data I collect; I notice that the customers I do get immediately sign up for my service. So they will first register on my site and they either sign up immediately or they sign up 2 days later...this has been the ongoing patter I have seen.

So all other registered users that don't become customers start receiving my 7 day email autoresponder series, and I can see I have a 20% email open rate on the emails I send but NONE of these users ever sign up as a customer.

I give them discounts, coupons, and other incentives within my email autoresponder series but it does nothing. I don't understand why my email autoresponder series do absolutely nothing for customer acquisition.

Maybe in my industry or the services I offer don't work well with "email autoresponders" like they do in other industries or services? Or maybe my autoresponder emails don't offer what the "registered user" is looking for even with my discounts?

Thank you!
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    Where are you getting your traffic from? What services are you offering? Did you test your emails? What type of autoresponder are you using? Maybe give us some more information and someone will be able to help you.

    I would check the email Subject Line (does it stimulate the curiosity of your readers?) and the Message. Are the messages easy to read? Are the "CTA" loud and clear?

    Or maybe they're just tire-kickers. :/

    I personally believe that email autoresponders will work with any niche, you just need to narrow your audience down. Good luck!
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    A few questions come to mind that I have asked myself in past when running into an issue like this...

    Is the traffic quality? Are these people just freebie seekers? Are my subject lines well written (probably one of the most important for increasing open rates)? Am I coming across to salesy ( I think thats a word)?

    I like my first 7 day email series to have a combination of Relationship Building, Content filled, and Sales. Sometimes all 3 techniques in one email.

    Remember these people have no clue who you are or what you are about, so its a good idea to include some info about yourself. Then they know you are a human being and not a robot or scam artist (unless you are ...then I got nothing haha)

    Choosing good subject lines to increase open and intrigue is one of the major keys to this as well. Bad or dull subject lines can kill a great email.

    Also, having quality traffic sources is where it all starts, because some people are just freebie seekers who give out "burner" email addresses just to get the free info you are giving away.

    I hope this helps.

    All the best
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