Can anyone help with my autoresponder sequence to sell fat loss ebook ?

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I am in the process of finishing a fat loss ebook , and thats how I am going to market it via an autoresponder. I need some guidance with it :

1 - squeeze page offer Fat loss free course

2 - Thank you page with a thank you video , should I offer the book below the video ? Which people call , monetizing thank you page ? Or I would rather postpone that ?

email 1 : Introducing myself , should I offer first chapter for the book with a buy button at the end of it ? Or postpone that too ?

email 2 : Drawbacks of crash diets or very low calories diets

email 3 : Myths and misconceptions in nutrition

email 4: Correct methods to lose fat . Here I am afraid that subscribers won't get 100% of the info they need..well , this needs a book anyways , I cant write many pages on a single mail. So I am afraid they will get pissed and unsubscribe .

I am now confused when to offer the book ? At the footer of each mail for example ? from the very beginning or I delay my offer ?
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    Here you go. That will be $20 thankyou ! J/K

    1. Personality email -
    Introduction. Talk about your own story and maybe how you always have had a
    problem with getting down to that ideal weight you always dreamed about. Make yourself
    Towards the end of email (in as P.S. maybe) let your Reader
    know that there will be a free gift or
    report in the next follow up related to getting in optimal fitness and hitting a desirable weight.
    And you want to help them with this.

    2. Value Email -
    This can be a PDF, video, audio, article,MP3 etc.. which will give Value to your
    reader and give him some tips on losing weight with nutrition or exercises.

    3.Soft Sale/Value email -
    Okay, in this email you want to talk more about getting fit and losing weight.
    Maybe come up with another personal story of how you overcame obstacles with bad eating habits that
    caused you to gain excess weight.
    This should be a Lead-in into the Product you are promoting. Towards the bottom, put your Affiliate
    Link to the Weight Loss Program you are promoting so your subscribers can Click and check it out.

    4. Hard Sale -
    Okay, this email is pretty much one big sales pitch, but done very, very tactfully. Stress
    all the benefits with your weight loss program and how it can really put your prospect in tip top shape.
    They just need to Click on your Affiliate link , and they will be on their way to that fine, toned, and sexy

    5. The Bridge -
    This is to remind your Readers that your email follow ups are geared to delivering
    excellent content and NOT just sale pitches. In fact , about 50%
    of your emails should just be great
    free content to build up Rapport and Trust with your Audience. And also help them out too

    6. Reminder email -
    Here essentially you are done with your 'Mini-Launch' . You are on to another
    topic with new email follow ups.

    But for me ,it is very important to have a reminder note at the top of this new email.
    Something like this, " Before we get started today, I just wanted to give a final shout out for you all
    to check out 'Deb's Weight Loss Program'. It will get you in that hot bikini for a hot Summer by the
    Beach. Just CLICK HERE "

    Anyway, I always like to at least mention my Products 3 times for each mini-launch. This Reminder
    email allows you to maximize the exposure of this first Product.

    - Robert Andrew

    Nothing to see here including a Sig so just move on :)

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        Can I ask what platform(s) you intend to use?

        Send Email - MailChimp?
        Squeeze page? self hosted? lead pages?
        Video page? self hosted?
        Video - vimeo?

        I'm trying to follow PLF, and it looks like you need to spend about $200 a month just to set this all up!
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          Originally Posted by lovol View Post

          Can I ask what platform(s) you intend to use?

          Send Email - MailChimp?
          Squeeze page? self hosted? lead pages?
          Video page? self hosted?
          Video - vimeo?

          I'm trying to follow PLF, and it looks like you need to spend about $200 a month just to set this all up!
          Aweber -

          The top in the industry
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    Hey man,

    This is what I'm currently doing.

    I use the following process...

    Facebook Ad > squeeze page > thank you & OTO > deliver product > email series (with content & pitches) > calculate ROI.

    I prefer to tell stories with nuggets of fat loss wisdom thrown in to my emails.

    This gets the reader to know, like and trust you, as well as show that you're "real".

    And when you tell stories, it's no biggie to offer your product pitch at the bottom of your email.

    It works well for me.

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  • Hey Egyfitness.. great work on the sequence, seems thoughtful as you may have thought of being on the other side and then thinking what you would like as a reader. A good email marketing app would reduce your burden. I am from the fashion industry, though your and my customers and their needs are different, We pretty much follow the same route. I use Ariticmail, they have a wide range of advanced autoresponders and thoughtful marketing strategies which take away the burden from me to think on these things. Hope this helps.
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    Discrat summed up a great strategy there for you. I would also try to work in a few additional personal stories thoroughout to create a deep connection.
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