Is Email marketing is a part of SEO?

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I am new to email marketing and need help. How it is helpful to engage traffic to a site?
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    Email marketing and SEO are distinct parts of Digital Marketing. Effecting different parts of your customer journey.

    Here's the basics.

    Their are several ways people can come to your website.

    Typing in the URL, using a Search Engine or Following Links (on other websites, in emails, or on social media).

    There are three ways you can influence how many people come to your site. SEO, EMAIL and social media

    Most of traffic for my web site comes from Search Engines and this is how the majority of my sites new visitors find me.

    Social and Email are means of maintaining relationships with customers so that they are more likely to buy from me in future.

    SEO uses both onsite and offsite methods to bring people to your website by making you an authoritative resource for search engines to direct traffic to, writing content that targets search terms and having links from important websites are easy ways of demonstrating to google that yours is a site worthy of note.

    Email Marketing is done by signing up for a mailing list through which you can engage them with valuable content and sell as well.

    By using HTML templates you can link pictures to content on your websites landing pages and bring people onsite. Where they can watch your video, see pictures, try a quiz, play a game or BUY STUFF. (BUY STUFF being getting people to do what you require them to do)

    Do to much selling in your emails and they'll unsubscribe, don't do enough and they won't buy anything, there's a balance to be found.
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    SEO is getting your stuff ranked in the search engines.

    You do this by getting backlinks, social shares, user metrics, etc.

    Using email marketing for TRAFFIC is a great way to boost these numbers. It's all about getting eyeballs to your stuff, which will then result in more of what you need for SEO.

    Directly, list building does not improve SEO. But indirectly, it can have MANY positive benefits.
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    use your customers database engage with them..
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    Email marketing is not SEO, both are total different stuff.... Email marketing is about email content deliver to your subscribers as for SEO, you will need a informative content website with the aim to be page one number one to get higher clicks/view from viewers when searching particular keywords
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    Thanks for your replies and make me understand about E-mail marketing.
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