Telling subscribers upfront that you are going to promote your product once weekly

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I am thinking of telling my autoresponder subscribers about what to expect in my welcome mail.

That I am going to send them valuable content + promoting my ebook once weekly.

Does that help building trust ? Or it raises up their defenses and decrease open rates ?
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    of course
    You can trust autoresponder software.
    you can use mailchimp ans Aweber.
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    I wouldn't do that if I were you. It's wonderful that you considered to be honest, but you don't want to be predictable and leave that imprint in their heads. (The imprint of you trying to make money off them). People are skeptical so don't make it harder for yourself.

    A lot of people nowadays sign up just to get the free stuffs. That's their mindset. They don't plan on buying anything just yet. With these guys, you must give it time and let it sink into them. The more values you put out and the more you can relate it to the product, they will surely consider it.
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    It's good to set expectations of what the subscriber will receive from you, how often etc in the first email. Letting them know in a subtle way that you will send them promotional emails is good, it shows your integrity. You want them to look forward to receiving your emails.

    For a welcome email i would:
    - Introduce yourself/ your company.
    - Set expectations for what they will receive.
    (Simply list everything they will receive from you you now they are a subscriber.
    This includes subtly telling them about promo emails.)
    - Restate the benefits of being a subscriber.
    - Get them to make a micro commitment.
    ( like white listing your email, connecting with you outside of email on facebook, youtube, twitter etc.)
    - Then end with a curiosity loop.
    (Add a cliffhanger to create anticipation of your next email.)

    Anyway hope that these few pointers help.
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