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I noticed a lot of people do this...

how can I center my emails but have the left side line up straight.

Whenever I center them in aweber, the left side is all over the place.
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    This is kind of hard to get question, can you be more specific, example, screenshot?
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      you have to use this coding in you image area:..............style="align:center"/>
      then your template will show in center.if you need anything help on designing template, you can contact me anytime.
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    i believe the fastest way for this result is to get the help from the aweber support team...
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      You want the text itself to be left aligned.You could add that on the paragraph styling.
      You want the div containing those paragraphs to be centered. You can use container-div{margin:0 auto;} for that. (you can then add top and bottom margins if you need them.Replace container-div with the real class of your container div (or use an id) and #container-div{margin:0 auto;}
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    Make sure to use the Drag And Drop email builder, and not the plain text version.

    (My emails are specified exactly like how you say; with a center "block", and left-aligned text, and I use the Drop And Drop Email Builder).
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    Create a HTML email and place a center-aligned container around your left-aligned text with a specified width.
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