Kinda Advanced Email Marketing Technique - Need Help

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Hey All!

I am looking for an email autoresponder that can for example:

Subscriber John joins my free optin list, through this optin list he receives automated emails prompting him to buy, now assume this free optin list has an email series of 1 each day for 10 days.

Now assume subscriber John buys the product in day 4. Once he buys the product he is now placed in another purchased list. Now subscriber John is in both the free optin list and purchased list.

Is there a autoresponder service that automatically removes the user from one list once he joins the other one?

I currently use Mailchimp and after speaking to support, they said it is not possible and I need to do this manually every time!

I would really appreciate if someone can let me know of a good autoresponder that can do more complex tasks like this one.
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    To be honest it's really not advanced at all...either way you're looking for either:




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    awesome! Activecampaign seems to be exactly what i wanted.
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    Aweber can easily accomplish this. You can "add" and "remove" people to lists using their "list automation" settings.

    (So if Joe is on your freebie list, and then buys, Joe will be added to your buyer list and removed from your freebie list automatically. This can be configured within their "list automation" feature quite easily).

    I have no experience with Active Campaign, however have been using Aweber daily since 2011 and they are absolutely glorious.

    Wish you the best .
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    Aweber is highly reviewed when I researched online, I might look into it too!
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    aWeber is working on bringing in additional functionality for making this simple, which is currently in beta. InfusionSoft was pretty much built for this type of list management.

    If you can afford it, InfusionSoft would probably be your best bet.
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    They are usually called automation rules. Aweber and Getresponse both have the capability and I am sure most autorespnders have it. Just check with the one you choose to go with.

    They are really simple to set up. Aweber, I believe, has a video to show how to do this


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    Definitelly: active campaign

    Or if you have budget of $200 and more try to create a task on freelancer and hire some good workers to create a custom autoresponder for you.
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