How to promote to a passive list?

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Hey guys,
Need some advice on how to promote to my passive list for which my open rate has gone down.

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    Alternate your style until things spike.

    It's kind of like going fishing.

    What do you do if the fish stop biting?

    You change your baits.

    Or, you can throw additional hooks in the water.


    Wish you the best.
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    Survey them and find out what interests them and what their burning needs are. Once you know the answers, provide solutions.
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    +1 for surveying your list, very useful, and the answer WILL surprise you
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    Also don't forget to keep adding new people to your list - and make sure they are buyers not tire kickers.
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      Start changing up the content that you deliver. Also try different different subject lines.

      You have to catch your lists attraction make them want to open your email out of sheer curiosity.

      for example:

      -Do This to Make Money!....It's New & It's Free
      -Step by Step -- make $4556 on your first month
      -Start Making $133 Per Day. Easier Than You Think!
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    Hey there,

    I'll make this quick, but if a list has gone stale the best way I've found was to send them and email that literally says:

    "Hey ____! I was wondering if you were still interested in (enter your topic here). Hope to hear from you soon!"

    That's my best way. It gets them thinking and remembering why they signed up for you and it also clears the people who don't want to receiver your emails which is good also.

    I hoped this helped a little bit

    I know it's quite short, but it worked for me!

    Take care, Adam
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