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I was wondering if its better to redirect new subscribers to the sales page of an offer or a thank you page with a short introduction of myself. Which one is better for long term customers?

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    You have only 1 chance to make 1st impression.

    Don't sell until 3rd or 4th email.

    In my humble opinion
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    Hi David,

    If you want to foster good long-term relationships, then send them to a short thank you page about yourself...

    ...but you can also kill two birds with one stone by putting a banner, affiliate link, mention etc, to a product you highly recommend.
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    I agree with Egyfitness:

    "You have only 1 chance to make 1st impression.

    Don't sell until 3rd or 4th email."
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      Originally Posted by serekesh View Post

      I agree with Egyfitness:

      "You have only 1 chance to make 1st impression.

      Don't sell until 3rd or 4th email."
      IMHO, thats way too late in ANY Niche.

      When I first started out I made the mistake of thinking that people ALWAYS want to be "infotained" and part of the Sale Process with loads and loads of free content.

      This however is not always the case. Some people do NOT want to beat around the bush. They want to solve some sort of probelm and are more than willing to take a look at a Product that can really help them

      So why would you not show them a Product that can help them ??

      That is really selling your Sub short.

      You can also have good content and have a PS link at the end that goes to a Product. This accomplishes two things : Giving Value and giving more Value by introducing a quality Product

      - Robert Andrew
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    Instead of asking "how soon can I sell to my customer", ask this: "What can I do to REALLY help my customer with his/her problem?" You know what their problem is, right? First think of all the advice, training, tools they might need to solve that problem. Then (after introducing yourself), start sending email that will REALLY help them out. Somewhere in that sequences of emails, it will naturally fall that one of the things they would need is one of the things you are selling. And, by that time, they know and trust you, in fact they can't wait to get your emails, because, gosh, you are solving their problem for them!
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    For long-term relationship with your customers, I think definitely a thank-you page with a MEMORABLE introduction about yourself and an IMPRESSIVE amount of value given away.

    I hope that helps
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    Better to add a affiliate banner with thank you page. So interested people go to that link. Other make a good impression in first time.And most of them will back soon.
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    Have a thank you page, thanking your end users for subscribing.

    On that thank you page, make it a video of yourself.

    Thank them for subscribing, remind them to *CHECK THEIR EMAIL* for their free gift, and then go into a sales pitch.

    On your download page (that you reminded them to check their email for), offer your download, and a few affiliated offers.

    This is the best solution, because it allows you to:

    1) Build authority, rapport, and prestige, while pitching whatever you want right up front.
    2) Extract the most clicks as possible from your subscribers, while still being cool.

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