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Hi All,

I am looking for some information. I hope you can help me,

I have a website and presently it have 25000 users.
and I am expecting it will grow to 100000 in coming 3 months.

I am looking to email marketing solutions for my website also I want to use it for sending promotion emails.

Since you are in digital marketing can you tell me which service/API will be best for email marketing.

Thanks in Advance.

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    I use Aweber and am happy with their service.

    You should be able to use their API to integrate with your website.
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  • Use WordPress,we recommend using an email service provider like MailChimp or Aweber.

    to be a better girl.

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    Can you tell me whether they verify email addresses of my email list before sending emails.

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      The main ESP's listed here won't verify your lists but they will get alerts if your list contains lot of bounced mails as well as spam complaints after you run your campaigns.
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      • Aweber, at least the last time I tried to use it, would not allow me to import the subscriber's that had already opted into my elist.

        So if you're moving anywhere, make sure that you can move people the way you want.

        Have you considered purchasing a membership program? Some of them come with email lists built in

        I learned that Aweber changed it lists so that you can import subscribers.

        Maria Marsala,
        Financial Advisors Coach, Author, Speaker at

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    I have been using wordpress for quite sometime and there is this plugin called mailchimp that makes all your email related issues completely sorted out. If you are on a wordpress platform, then it will be the best plugin for email marketing. The plugin helps you create mailing lists with customization of emails to suite the target group. You can also be able to set the frequency of sending the emails especially when it comes to newsletters. Give it a try today.
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    Looking at your growing business, you should use solution like - self hosted email marketing solution with API, autoresponders, triggers and amazon ses integration. I use my Sendy license with EasySendy service, which made all technical installations smooth.
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    • As I use Sendy myself, with all it does not do, I am going to look into using Easy Sendy again.

      1) If you want to have your subscribe box to say something other than what the Sendy form provides, then what I have to do is hire a programmer to set up an API subscribe form. I like to have an area on my firm that asks people what industry they're in and then have them choose from 3.

      2) To get the auto responder to work, Crons must be set to 1 minute. If you use a service like HostGator, their system only allows us to set it up using 15 minutes. Alternatives are VPS, crons system, moving to a different hosting service or (possibly) using Easy Sendy

      3) Also about the autoresonder system. It only works if someone subscribes using the subscribe form. IF you upload a CVS file, which you can do, it will not trigger the auto responder service. While I understand the thoughts behind this, there isn't an "override" button to use wen you do want to upload subscribers and have them get the auto responder. Someone has written a script to over ride this, but then again, a programmer would know what to do with it.

      Maria Marsala,
      Financial Advisors Coach, Author, Speaker at

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        I have been using Aweber for more than a year with the quantities of 5 figures lists. There were issues happening occasionally but its service was quick and, to me, the problem was resolved on time. So, the business - emailing to my subscriber, was not seriously affected.

        You may have the point of service consistency and problem solving timing spending into the consideration when selecting. This would be either a cost or investment to you in the long run too.

        Use the one you are really confident with especially when you need the good and reliable hands troubleshooting for you.
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    Best email marketing software for small businesses is benchmark,Best low-cost email marketing software is Get Response,and Mailchim also best tool these are the best email marketing tools.
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      Originally Posted by massmailresponse View Post

      Promotional email is good if you have OPTIN subscribers choose a dedicated SMTP server for your lists and you can blast it
      I think software is the best email marketing software for small businesses. There service is better then other. I feel it smooth & better .
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    Personally, I do use Constant Contact for email marketing, however you Aweber and MailChimp are also good option to choose.
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  • Here is another thread on this subject

    What Email Program Do You Use and Recommend

    Maria Marsala,
    Financial Advisors Coach, Author, Speaker at

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    Benchmark, GetResponse, MailChimp, iContact are the best email marketing platform.
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    For email purpose I recommend only MailChimp, with over 400,000 users, this is a very popular email marketing platform designed for everyone from sole proprietorships to huge corporations. It comes with a flexible UI for building HTML email templates. Building out campaigns, managing subscribers and pulling up reports are all simple, drag-and-drop affairs that anybody can handle. Mail-Chimp is both highly extensible and extremely user-friendly, making this product ideal for non-technical users and well as propeller heads.
    Some quality features available, like unlimited mailing lists, RSS-to-email content distribution, Mobile Web app for managing campaigns, Google Analytics integration, A/B split testing for analyzing which subject lines and content perform best. Integration with iStockPhoto for quick access to stock imagery, Screenshots of pending emails in all major email clients, Powerful API for any number of third party integrations, Industry comparison reports to see how your campaigns perform against those of similar organizations.

    Payment Structure.
    MailChimp is free for users with up to 500 subscribers and 3,000 emails sent per month. After that, the pricing is as follows:
    $15/month - 501-1,000 subscribers
    $30/month - up to 2,500 subscribers
    $50/month - up to 5,000 subscribers
    $75/month - up to 10,000 subscribers
    $150/month - up to 25,000 subscribers
    $240/month - up to 50,000 subscribers
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      Yes Mailchimp seems to be a good one that allows a lot of features. But from the prices listed here, it seems quite expensive to send a few emails monthly. Some people need to send 200k or 500k monthly. But I guess its not possible with mailchimp We offer services where you can send up to a million per month.
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    if you have less number of subscribers then go for mailchimp, aweber. in case you have more number of users in your list then it will cost you very high. so better is, go for your own SMTP server and blast the contact list, send unlimited emails that will cost you very low.
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    You can use Yet Another Mail Merge for sending a mail to a lot of e-mail at the same time. It is very easy and effective. Thanks

    Hi there, this is Mithu, professional email marketer on fiverr. You can check my profile on fiverr

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    Mailchimp requires double opt-in, but as far as I know you can get around it by using their API. I personally don't use as they have to many restrictions.

    I send a lot of data, so I have many accounts with many providers. This gives me the benefit that I can move data around to get the best deliverability between them.

    If I had to choose just one, it would probably be Aweber, but even they are not perfect 100% of the time.

    If you go with an smtp provider that charges by the email, remember that most will charge a premium on marketing emails VS transactional emails. Also, take into consideration how often you plan to mail the list. So with 25K and if you mail them daily, that's 750K per month. So compare that cost against an autoresponder that charges for the amount of contacts you have (25K), but you can send unlimited messages.

    You could set up your own system, but you need to warm the IPs and if your data isn't 100% opt-in your deliverability will probably become an issue. But in the long run, this will be the cheapest solution.
    How to Build LARGE EMAIL LISTS on a Budget and MONETIZE Like a PRO
    20+ Years Exp . . . . . . . . . . . . Email - CPA - PPL
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    Aweber or mailchimp is good option for you. But if you have long time plane for email marketing then you should use self hosted smtp which will save a lot for you. Though you need little more for setup and 1st time using. Thanks
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