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Hello everyone, I am new to internet marketing, and I was wondering what was the difference between acquiring email addresses as a mailing list, and having your followers email you directly ?

For exmaple, with services like aweber, you can collect emails from sign ups, but what if you tell them to send you an email directly. How does that work ?

Also, how does the filtering process work in terms of not having their emails flood your inbox? Along with other things like branching out (monetizing) your list into different interests?
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    The way Aweber (and most autoresponders) work is that you can specify your 'Reply' email address. That way, anyone that joins your list, if they reply to your autoresponder email messages, it goes to that 'Reply To' email address.

    Personally, I like to encourage my subscribers to email me, and I return their responses.

    This shows them that you are a real person and that you want to provide value to them. It builds trust and respect. Vital for creating a profitable, responsive list.

    Having subscribers 'flood' our inbox is a good problem to have

    If you hire a virtual assistant, they can respond to emails that are easy to answer.
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      Okay thanks for the descriptive reply. It really helped !
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    Interact with your list as much as possible. I strongly believe that each time you have a back and forth email conversation, another layer of depth is added to your relationship with that person and once a few layers have been built, they will be loyal for years to come.
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    Some people do make 'email marketing' out to be a big scary thing, when it really can be as simple and as freeing as sending a friend a message.

    Treat it like that -- like you're sharing something great that you've found, and REALLY want them to see it -- and you'll do well. That's the mindset -- the rest is just technical 'how to' details...
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