Any Affiliate Marketing/Email Marketing Training out there?

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So I understand, the money is in the list...

I want to promote Clickbank products with emails but not sure how to do this with an email list.

With my advanced research this is what I have...

Traffic > Landing Page, Lead magnet > Email List > Storytelling, provide value, promote offer

Can anyone that's successfully went through this type of affiliate marketing give me some tips on creating emails?

Do you make up a story for your emails? Do you use a Pen name? Would clickbank work best for this type of campaign?

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    The money is in the list is somewhat true.. The money is really in the relationship with the list.

    You can have a list of 1 million people but if not one person on that list opens your emails and clicks your links then you're not running a very successful business ya know?

    Tips on creating emails.. Learn copywriting.. Read books, there are tons of great ones out there. You may want to try Russell Brunson's newest book DotCom Secrets. I could PM you a few more just drawing a blank right now on the titles I've read in the past.

    Stories sell and in Russell's book he even has scripts for creating effective follow ups..

    Just keep taking imperfect action everyday, build your list, and don't be afraid to email because your getting unsubscribers. If you're not getting unsubscribes, your probably not emailing!

    Hope this helps and best of luck,
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    I totally agree with the storytelling side of things. People buy from you when they know and trust you and telling your story allows that connection to be made.
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    Hi Distrakt,

    I highly recommend you check out Autoresponder Madness by Andre Chaperon. It will help answer a lot of your questions.
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  • The process you have laid out: Traffic > Landing Page, Lead magnet > Email List > Storytelling, provide value, promote offer -- is on point.

    However, to be successful in email marketing, you need to focus on 2 things:

    1. content
    2. market

    Like what was already said, the saying "there is money in the list" is only partially true without good content content and without the right market. Traffic is just traffic. You need to also convert these numbers to sales.
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  • try to learn from online lynda and other training service like udemy which is offering training for all kind of internet service.

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