The Best Profitable Listbuilding Strategy

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ok for people who are trying to get their listbuilding up and running

got some advice that will make your job a whole lot easier and put some money in your pocket

the whole purpose of the marketing process is to identify what the people who are most likely to give you money look like and where to find them

the whole point of the advertising process is to weed these people out amongst everyone else kind of like mining for pieces of gold amongst all the rubble

now although people claim to know this stuff, i still see it being done wrong ALOT

effective listbuilding shouldnt be about getting lot of contacts on your list, we should be trying to weed out as many of the freebie seekers, tirekickers and unqualified people as possible

it should be about getting quality leads and although its inevitable your gonna get some of these on your list...try keep it to a minimum

and you do this by creating a clear, concise ad messages that explains "what it is" and "what it isnt"(or who its for and who its not for)..your ad shouldnt be some open invitation for everyone, just the people who are a good fit for your productor service

Remember: bigger list doesnt always mean more money

so dont waste your time on timewasters
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    Forgive me if I'm wrong but this seems like quite general advice. I wonder if you could flesh it out a bit rather than give the view from 20,000 feet. I'd imagine most people would appreciate that.

    It would be great to know how its working out for you as well is this more successful than general list building? Is more expensive?

    Not hating just new here and think it would be great to know that you've been successful with this and that you are not just some chancer living in a council house in a run down part of Manchester.
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    i dont really respond to these things, but i'm in a good mood

    right to answer your question, this is general listbuilding....and yh its cheaper, because your ad should only appeal to a particular person (the people most likely to give you money)

    for example, in the "make money online" niche theres people who are looking for some sort of ponzi scheme type operation or a traffic exchange or a "free" way to make money etc

    if your trying to sell a product that requires a little time and effort (which it does, because its real business...not magic)

    these type of people will click your ad too (which cost you money) and they might even opt-in for the free "gift" but they aint ever gonna buy because they aint serious enough

    kinda like a fat person who wants to lose weight, but they aint serious enough to go gym, so they do crazy diets and diet pills etc

    these are what you call "timewasters" and you dont really want them around just making up the numbers

    so you want to position your ad for more serious people...ill be honest your ads dont get as many clicks (lower ctr), but that doesnt mean anything anyway so its cool

    because serious people buy stuff and thats all that really counts

    hope this helps
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    This is good advice of can even build you list selling something, and not giving stuff away. I mean, people who can use their credit card and buy something, even if it's $1 is a much more valuable person to have on your list than those who joins because you're giving them something for free. You can even write the price in the ads, and only those that are willing to pay will click....

    Big lists of freebie seekers isn't worth a will only cost you money in the way that you're paying your autoresponder service based on how many subs you have...
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      nicely put tom
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