how to have a Mailing list, without having a website?

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Hi everybody,
please i need to know how to have a Mailing list of a real people who can buy my offers, i was picking a lot of e-mails from google but a part of them aren't real and the other part they can't buy my offers because they are very young or poor people.
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    1). Set up a squeeze page.
    2). Install autoresponder.
    3). Drive traffic to your squeeze page (Free and Paid)
    4). Offer free pdf guide or video tutorials free to the subscribers.
    5). Send offers with your affiliate link.
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    I also had the same doubt.
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    Originally Posted by Chibane View Post

    Hi everybody,
    please i need to know how to have a Mailing list of a real people who can buy my offers, i was picking a lot of e-mails from google but a part of them aren't real and the other part they can't buy my offers because they are very young or poor people.
    You can open a facebook page and link your page to your email marketing system. The facebook page then you do facebook ads and draw specfic customer to sign up via your email webform
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    You don't have to have a website, but you're putting yourself at a HUGE disadvantage without one. Honestly, getting one set up doesn't cost much.

    That said, you could use a third party service like Megaphone to create and host squeeze pages. Solo ads can drive traffic to your squeeze pages.
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      This is possible, you just need to understand one thing first..

      while you can make great money with a responsive mailing list, when thinking long term you want to leverage your work so that you can build a business. a real online business means you have a website that that provides great value to its visitors and then converts them into leads (mailing list) and then into buyers and then into repeat customers.

      But I also understand that doing all of that might sound a little overwhelming, so starting off by just building up your list, is a great idea! here is a rough guide to how you would go about doing it.

      1. You need a squeeze page.

      This is where you get your visitors name and email

      in your squeeze page you want to provide something of great value to the visitors that you send to this page. You can give them a free ebook, a report, maybe a free video, anything you feel is going to help solve a problem that your visitors might be having. this step is crucial! If you make the right first impression and provide good value to your leads, then they will be more likely to buy again from you when you begin emailing them.

      2. Set-up your autoresponder

      You can use GetResponds if you don't have one. Many time you'll find that you can get the first month for $1.

      once you have that setup, you need to write your follow up emails and put affiliate links in them. meaning that you need to find relevant high quality products to promote to your leads. you can use Clickbank to find some great digital product!

      PS. to measure rather a product is good or not. you need to look at the "gravity" score set by clickbank. the higher the gravity the better. Gravity is the amount of unique affiliates that made a sell of that product in the past week. So a gravity of 15.04 means that at least 15 UNIQUE affiliates have made a sell in the last week.(Gravity does not take into consideration that each affiliate can make multiple sells and that the product owner also makes sells)

      3. Send traffic to your squeeze page.

      Now there are many ways of going about doing this but the most popular and effective method for this kind of monetization tactic is by far Solo ads

      Solo ads is when you pay another marketer who has a list full of people who would be interested in your free offer to send a one time email with a link to your Squeeze page. People will see the email and if they like it, they will click on your link and if your free offer is something they want they will enter their name and email and get added to your list where you can then follow up with them.

      Solo ads are great because you know that the traffic you are getting is highly targeted so you can expect your opt-in percentage to be greater than with any other method. Beware of solo ad scams that are all over the internet.. To learn more about solo ad I suggest searching around the warrior forum for more great information.

      So there you go! now there is obviously a lot more to it than that, but hopefully it will send you in the right direction
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    Hello..You can grow your email lists in the following ways depending on the resources that you have:
    1)Create a squeeze page:
    This can let you get access to people who are genuinely interested in your product and who will constitute your opt-in lists.

    2)Use a Social Lead Extractor:
    An email grabber/spider or social lead extractor enables the extraction of email ids from all social websites like linkedin,facebook,twitter etc for which you have to just enter keywords specific to your niche.

    3)Provide free goodies online::
    Leaving a small reward like an e-book,a video tutorial etc can grab the eyeballs of potential customers and give you access to their email ids.

    4)Purchase email lists:
    This is very easy but expensive and not as effective as the remaining because there is no assurance that the emails in the lists are valid or no.

    5)Showcasing your physical product at a promotional event:
    If you have the resources needed you can have a stall among a sydicate of other sellers to make people aware of your product and get them to sign up for additional information.
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