Selling via emails - how to get it working?

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I've got one pricy product which might be interesting for vendors that attend festivals, markets, fairs etc.
After creating a nice landing page with all information, pictures etc. where people can send an inquiry - I'm wondering how to drive traffic to this page, so I thought I'd send out some mails.

I've got a few small groups of small businesses in mind who that offer would fit and already like 500 email addresses scraped from their websites.

How would I go on about sending emails? It doesn't need to be fast but I'd like to add more emails over time and see what happens or what would be the right approach?

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    I hope you didnt use any automated software to scrape the emails. In my opinion I would write an individual email to every single company and ask if they want to cooperate with you. The honest way is the best way!
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    I do not think that you would sell anything to a scraped list of emails. Why don't you try and collect emails yourself or if you want a little quicker results use paid marketing to acquire your own list.
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    Originally Posted by Chris8080 View Post

    How would I go on about sending emails?
    Are ya looking for a way to spam these business owners with your scraped emails? Good Luck!
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