Is There a REAL Alternative to Solo Ads?

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I've been using solo ads for several years now and I really have to say that nothing comes close. You can get tons of traffic in double quick time and it converts.

I've tried PPC and almost every other thing out there, but nothing comes close.

My problem is that solos are terribly pricey and you've got to wait for the seller to send with no real way of automating it and letting it run.

Is there an alternative out there or is that it?

Any feedback would be much appreciated.

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    Originally Posted by nivlek2009 View Post

    My problem is that solos are terribly pricey and you've got to wait for the seller to send with no real way of automating it and letting it run.
    If you have a good converting offer and quality follow ups then solos are not pricey at all.

    As far as waiting for the seller or automation. Most sellers will have your solo completed in about a week or less depending on the date you schedule. Also quite a few are offering a monthly deal where your solo will consistently run on a monthly basis for a certain number of clicks. Can't get any more automated than that


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    Solo ads can be a very cost effective form of advertising IF, (and this is a very big IF), the solo ad seller has high quality subscribers in his/her list who are receptive to what you are offering.

    Many times with solo ads, I have recovered the cost of the solo within the first couple of days. Many times I have also gotten leads into my sales funnel who never opened a single follow up message. It all depends on the quality of the subscriber list.

    So, yeah, I like solo ads when I buy them from a good provider.

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    I believe solo ads are the "easier" way to generate traffic...once u master it test new sources...probably not as "easy" as solo ads but scalable

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    I am using Google adwords, only display network. I can get good prices for US traffic ( $0.10 ), but it really depends on what your topic is, what you offer and how you can monetize that traffic.
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    Nope and I wouldn't ever bother searching for something like that. You will be at risk of being scammed into something crap. Just stick to what works. Don't try to reinvent the wheel.
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    Agree with the above. Important thing is to buy quality traffic from good solo ad sellers...I doubt you'll find something easier that converts just as good. PPC is one alternative....this can give you great traffic, but it takes time to master it and get convertions. Maybe you can try using YouTube along with solo ads, see if you can get some free traffic from there...?
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