Want to start my E-mail marketing journey.

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Hello Guys,

I am a blogger and I have also made some 1000 $ on the internet using various methods. But now I want to start a long term business online.For this email marketing is the best.

But I know nothing about email marketing.
Where to start ?
How to start ?

So can I get some suggestions here to start my journey.?
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    COngrats on your success so far!

    And you are making a smart decision to build your own email list!

    I would say that you need about 3 things:

    1 - An Auto-Responder
    2 - A Self-Hosted Blog
    3 - Internet Marketing Education

    Building your own blog online will give you good authority online and in front of people online.

    You can also capture leads through your blog. You just need to work on the Daily Traffic Flow of your blog - and learn how to monetize the right way - to capture leads.

    You also want to invest in your internet marketing education - because you want to build up the daily traffic flow to your blog, its content, and your capture pages.

    Take a lot of massive consistent action with everything - and build up your Daily Traffic Flow and your Daily Lead Flow.

    The numbers will add up!

    Here is a simple concept (formula):

    Internet Marketing Strategies >> Blog >> Traffic Flow >> Capture Pages = Leads

    The concepts are simple to learn and understand - the real challenge will be with the necessary work to build this up.

    You can definitely make it happen!
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    If you know NOTHING start doing some Googling. This forum has a lot of resources and threads relating to email marketing and list building that should catch you up to speed.
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    You just need to grab some email data and get started with it, initially you need to make sure the content you are using in your email should explain exactly what you are looking fir and what benefit one should get if they use your services, this way you will be able to generate good and potential leads. Sometimes it may take some time to get positive response but you have to be patient at times.
    Served Over 100 customers and there needs with Web and Mobile Apps Development, if you are looking for one please connect with me with good turnaround.
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