Best Email Notifier for 14 email Accounts?

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I can't find a solution due to 'information overload' (desperation), but here goes:

I received a message last week to all my Windows Live Mail accounts stating that the Windows Live Mail 2012 Desktop Application needed to be updated or will cease to function etc etc.

The provided Microsoft updates have failed in most cases, as well as completely wrecking my XSitePro2 software rendering my established websites near scrap (another story!).

My windows live mail 2012 desktop applications (3 separate different ones each having 6 windows live and or outlook accounts installed) needs to be replaced asap.

I'm using windows 7 on all my pc's and laptops and have no intention whatsoever of upgrading all to windows 10.

I have many small ecommerce websites and eBay accounts which rely on good reliable email.

I need a new email notifier (or similar) which can handle at least 14 email accounts (live mail, Hotmail, outlook and Gmails) and it would be really handy if I can install it on two pc's and a laptop (all windows 7) so that I have permanent immediate access and bombproof backups of everything.

Is there anyone out there that is currently using such notifier software that I can use to control all my email accounts from one reliable desktop application and have it installed on at least three different pc/laptop locations?

Thanks in advance.

...regards Mark.
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