How Watching Sesame Street Can Help Boost Your Email Open Rates!

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Sesame Street! The long running children's show has taught and entertained kids for decades, but did you know that spending a little time with Big Bird can explode your email open rates and put more cash in your pocket?

Let me explain...

Sesame Street teaches children alot. It teaches them reading, vocabulary, and even manners. But it's when Sesame Streets teaches math that it gives you the key to getting more of your emails opened and putting more cash in your pocket. How?

It's because getting sky high open rates can be achieved by following a simple formula:

thing your prospects want to achieve + seemingly unrelated action = attention commanding subject lines

And by now you're probably noticed that I used this exact formula on you to get you to open this thread...

I took your desire for higher open rates and added it to the seemingly unrelated action of watching Sesame Street and BOOM!... I captured your attention.

This is what you want to do in your subject lines. This is how you increase your opens. This is how you make people love seeing you in their inbox and giving you their money.

Now I must warn you...

This formula is extremely powerful, but if you do it wrong, you will actually hurt your business...

You have to make sure that you logically tie the unrelated action to the thing your subscribers want, because if you don't then they will feel mislead and will lose trust in you.

And unfortunately this is the tricky part...

This is where skill and creativity comes in to play, and because it can be hard to do at first, my clients pay me good money to write their emails for them. But the good news is if you're willing to practice then eventually you will get the hang of it...

Now, let me give you 2 more examples of this formula in action along with how you can do the logical tie ins:

How Being Homeless Can Help You Get Rich

Tie in: Being homeless is hard. You have to struggle to survive. No one cares about you. You are completely on your own. And being an entrepreneur is exactly the same....

Why Committing Suicide Can Make You Cooler, Smarter, And More Interesting

Tie in: If you're unhappy with your life it's time for you to end it. It's time to cash in your chips and mosey on towards that white light... But wait! Because I'm not suggesting that you actually take your own life, I'm saying that you need to kill the person you've allowed yourself to become to make room for who you truly want to be...

What you just read are rough examples...

They still need to be fleshed out, smoothed over, and most importantly connected to the product they would hypothetically sell, but creating powerful emails that demand to be opened is a process and this is the first step.

Are there more techniques for boosting your email opens?

Of course there are...

But I can't give away all my methods. I have to save my best stuff for when I write for my clients. Besides, the more you write emails, the better you will get, and the sooner you'll be able to develop your own bag of tricks.

Until Next Time
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    I picked up a similar idea from Perry Marshall several years ago. What he said was:

    "Take all your expertise from some field that most people think is completely unrelated. Import it into the new field. You'll create something totally new that never existed before."

    So, what you do is:

    1) Grab a sheet of paper and write down everything you're interested in.
    2) Start combining.

    Each of your interests may not be all that attention grabbing on its own, but it shouldn't take long to come up with some interesting combinations.

    Antone Roundy

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