How to start building my email list? help please!!

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Hello I'm new here!
for something about 2 and half weeks I'm looking for information about email list and how to make money from it, and there is really much knowledge about it,and its confused!!!
I don't know what to do , I don't know how to get start in email list and making money from it
please help me I'm really confused!!
thanks you all!!
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    To build an email list and make money from it,i will recommend to follow these 10 steps,
    here is a quick clash course on what you can do.
    1. Join Autoresponder Service.

    There are a lot of autoresponder out there but two of them they stand out Aweber and Getresponse,you can’t go wrong with either of them but if i have to choose one i will say go for getresponse as it is cheaper and easier to use.
    2. Decide something to give away

    People they are not going to give you their email address just because you asked for it.They will do it in exchange with something which will solve their problem.Here is a list of suggestions:

    – A Free report or Video
    – an e course.
    – Audio etc.
    3. Your inicial message

    Thank your prospects for subscribing,introduce yourself and remind them the benefits they will get by being on your list.
    4. First follow up message-Write a Review

    Write a short review about your main offer

    This could include telling them how it helped you, you can include testimonial from third part(people they like to hear what other people are thinking about the product.

    Also you may include some stuffs you don’t like about the offer,this will create more credibility(just don’t lie)

    5. Second Follow up message – Tell them the benefits of your product

    Tell them about how it will benefits them.Put those benefits in a list format,what the product will do for them?How it will make them fill?How they will look?Make they excited.
    6. Third Follow up message – Remind them about other elements

    Take your time to talk about other stuffs,you will be suprised to see how many people they will order your products just to get access to the owner.

    7. Fourth Follow up Message – Compare your product with other products

    People they love to have options and they like to think that they made a right decision,buy comparing your product with other you give them this feeling and it will drive them to purchase your product.

    8. Fifth Follow up Message – Tell the story

    People they like stories,tell them how people succeeded using the product you’re promoting,show them how it was before using the product and then show them the results after you started using the product. These stories can be your ownor other people who ever used the product.

    9.Sixth Follow up Message- Demand Action

    This is your last message in the series,most people hesitade to take action especially when money is involved,you need to help them to reach the decision to buy your product.

    Remind them the consecuencies of not taking action today and how they will miss out.

    Make it crear what they have to do and feel free to use commands in your call to action like CLICK HERE
    10. Keep in touch by using “Broadcasts”

    Even if your autoresponder series reached to his end,your prospects are still valuable to you,you need to keep in touch with them,you need to send them broadcast at least once per week,this will make them remember you and open your future emails.The broadcasts can be anything affiliate offers,free training,new blog post etc.

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    You could also build it for free using clickbanking and have Pay Per Lead offers and high converting offers on a rotator on thank you page.

    You could also clickbanking with others redirect the lead after the optin directly to a sales page of an offer you know you are going to get conversion on. If 1 sale gets you $50 then its not hard to earn while building your list.

    I would then incorporate the advice in the first reply by 'lusekelo' in how to treat your list.
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    on my opinion, one of the best ways to collect the leads is the pop-ups. For example, we are using application to set up our targeted appeals. It’s very convenient, because our visitors can sign up only in one click, and we have an opportunity to collect a live base of leads.
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    The first thing you need, is an idea of your end user demographic.

    Forget everything else.

    Ask yourself who your target audience is.

    Once you've identified them, ask if you have access to them? Can you reach them consistently and reliably, and most importantly, economically?

    Once you identify your target audience, ask yourself what they need, and how you can give it to them.

    Once you figure this out, you'll be better able to serve your marketplace with content that they actually want.

    Then, and only then, an email Jedi shall you be.

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    Hi friend,
    For email list you can opt auto responder service providers like Get Response,Aweber.These will charge you for this service,but if you beginner in this field you can use mailchimp,this will you free service.
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