Focus on Building List More or Hosting a Webinar?

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I have an email list of 25 people.

That's EXTREMELY small, however it only takes one of those people to get to the other side of our funnel to completely change our business tremendously.

I understand that we want to be continuously be building our list, and I intend to do so.

Being that we're a small local business, I want to focus my energy over the next month in January 2016 on one of two things:

1) Casting a wider and targeted "net" online to get more email subscribers over the next month and onward, or

2) Leaving our current "net" in-place, and focus on inviting our current list of 25 people to a webinar that can move a select (yet SUPER important) few to the next desired steps in the funnel.

I know focusing on #1 would give us more subscribers, and therefore a better chance (numbers-game-wise) in the future to get higher numbers of people onto the webinar.

But on the other hand, for all I know, I could have someone willing and ready to be lead to the next steps in that small list of 25, but they just need guidance doing so.

We average a 20% open rate on the emails to the subscribers.

So that means that only 5 people on average open the emails.

With that said, I'm thinking that I might need to focus on growing the list and improving/maintaining that open rate, versus hosting a webinar right now.

Our goal should be to allow the numbers game to play in our favor.

Therefore, there are multiple "numbers games" that need to be treaded-through in order for people to take the action we desire:

1) The "numbers game" as far as the number of subscribers that would even open the email broadcast about the webinar

2) Then there's the "numbers game" of those that would open the email about the webinar...

3) Then there's the "numbers game" of those that would sign up for the webinar...

4) Then the "numbers game" of those that would sign up and actually ATTEND the webinar...

5) Then the "numbers game" of those that attend...

6) THEN the "numbers game" of those that attend that would take the desired action

With all of that considered, I believe that I need to focus on building that list.

Do you agree with my conclusion? At this point I think it's a no-brainer, but I'd love to get some insight from you guys on it.

Sorry for the length of this post, I was kind of thinking as I typed. Sometimes writing things out can help the thought process :-)
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    This question is asked for every aspect of Internet Marketing. "Should I do This? or Should I do that?"

    Just do both.

    The Flu? Not worthy of a mention here???
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    Hey mrniceguy123,

    25 Subscribers is a grain of sand on the beach. You must keep growing your list.

    Also you can grow your list, and market your webinar together. There is no rule that says you can't.

    I suggest you create a webinar for the 25 people on your list. Make sure you record the webinar so you will have a replay. Now with the replay you can send this out on your autoresponder to any new subscribers you have.

    That kills two birds with one stone.

    But there is something more important than numbers when it comes to list building. You need to focus on creating a relationship with your list as well. Focus on gaining the trust of your subscribers. This is where the magic happens.

    but keep growing that list buddy, and build trust with your list along the way.

    Hope this helps you out, and have a great day!
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    I'd focus on both, in the same action if possible. Many webinar platforms such as Webinar Jam allow you to automatically add a webinar registrant to a list when they register for the webinar.

    While doing that I'd look at who your ideal prospects are and how you get in front of them. If they are local, where do they congregate? For example, I've working with a local chamber of commerce to register 83 people for a half day seminar where I actually got to pitch them face-to-face. The chamber went along with it because they pitched it to current and past members, plus members of chambers in several nearby cities, as a member benefit. I also showed them that it would not only help to retain members, it would also reactive former members.

    Based upon that, I built a list of 83 local business owners in 1/2 day, with many of them later becoming my clients. I was selling a big ticket service, so the entire effort was very cost effective.

    I've also targeted business meetings of local civic and business groups, offering to do a presentation during their meetings. This has proven very productive, and most of those groups are members of the chamber of commerce (in my area), so getting contact information for key decision makers was a snap.

    Depending upon what business you are in, and where your business is located, I can probably put you in direct contact with over 25,000 small business owners, who don't mind being contacted directly if your product/service is appropriate for them. Feel free to private message me if you'd like more info on that angle.


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    Thanks Willie. I just sent the PM.
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