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by miro5
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Well , I'm new to internet marketing and I just want to ask about autoresponder
I found that aweber offers different prices per month according to number of subscribers
like $29/mo. from 500 to 2500 subscriber and prices rise with more subscribers
Does that means that I can collect new emails of 500 to 2500 new subscribers per month , or it means that I can send mails up to 2500 subs. per month
also is there any cheap autoresponder ,or coupon codes
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    That the size of your list, not your sending capacity.
    I think they offer a free trial for the first month.

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    Its the size of your list and actually if you are just starting out its first month free and then only $19 per month for up to 500 subscribers.

    Mail Chimp does not allow affiliate marketing and you have to pay way more for autoresponder features that you do for aWeber.
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    You can check out

    They have a flat price of $20 for unlimited subscribers.
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    Trafficwave is $17.95 /month for unlimited subscribers.
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    AIOP (all in one profits) offer hosting and autoresponder for $11 a month ....+ a host of other useful tools.

    I host my sites with them and have had fantastic support ..even on Christmas day. I must confess though, the auto-responder isn't as polished as aweber or get response....but hey, it's perfect or anyone on a budget.
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    I use Trafficwave. As Brent already mentioned its $17.95 per month for unlimited subscribers, unlimited campaigns
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    Aweber's rates are determined by how many subscribers you have in your database (list size).

    You can try Aweber for 30 days for $1 then it's $19 per month as long as you have under 500 subscribers in total.
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    is trafficwave allows affiliate marketing ??
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    Rocket responder is a fairly new service put together by a guy with years of internet marketing time as well as a coder and only charges 20 bucks no mater how many people are on your list.

    Also no mater what company you go with you can usually send out as many e-mail a month as you want. If you only have 1000 subscribers you could send them 10 e-mails a day for a month so it isn't based on how many e-mails you send it is how many people are on your list.
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