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Hey guys

I know, there are tons of threads about THE BEST email marketing provider, but I don't believe there is one. I do believe, that there is one that is BEST FOR ME, and that's what I would like to find out with the help of the more experienced marketers.

A little of my background:

I am in the health / nutrition / movement (also self-improvement) "niche". Basically I teach people (currently mainly in Slovakia) how to be better than yesterday.I market my two books (digital and printed) and one workshop (with more to come). I have a blog where people can also shop for my stuff and a facebook page for all sub-businesses (in SVK it's probably the only social channel that makes sense).

I also run a movement facility and I just recently started a small online clothing company that has yet to start growing. All of these activities are part of a larger "supercompany" (No Will No Skill) that also does events, like workshops and such.

If you want to check it out, here are some links (it's all in Slovak though):

Basically, I've been around... I started by using Aweber, but I soon had to switch to GR because they didn't support slovak special characters, lol. Currently I have around 4k emails, but this year I plan to take it to 10k.

Anyway, what am I looking for now? My new email provider has to have the following features:

1. The most important thing for me is to be able send emails based on TAGS, of which any email can have several. The main reason I want to switch from GetResponse is the fact that they count the same email if it's in multiple lists as multiple entries.

I want to send different messages to my blog's RSS broadcast, the newcomers who want my free downloads, the buyers of my 2 books, the workshop attendees, the people who visited our gym, etc... and it's pretty normal that one person meets several, sometimes all of these criteria and can be counted as 5 or more entries, which is just ludicrous

I also need the option for people to self-tag themselves by clicking links.

2. It must have RSS to email feature, obviously

3. It must have and API and be compatible with Easy Digital Downloads, which I use to sell my books and workshops.

Othere than that, it's just the usual - autoresponders, contact importing, double opt-in with the option to skip it using the API. A clean interface is also very important to me and an Android app is a welcome addition.

Now, I've seen the recommendation from Pat Flynn for ConvertKit, which basically meets all of these criteria with one catch: I can only send a limited number of emails, which 10x the maximum allowed for my plan. It seems very limiting to me, but is so far the best option I stumbled across.

I also read his reasons why he switched from InfusionSoft - it was too complicated, which I don't want.

Hopefully some of you guys can give me some tips now
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    You may want to check out ActiveCampaign.

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