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Hi there,

When I'm emailing with someone sometimes they won't respond. I'll send a couple follow-up emails over the next week or two to get the conversation re-started.

I find this pretty taxing and would much rather automate it (so I only need to pay attention when the person responds).

If you're aware of any tools that could help with this I'd really appreciate if you could let me know.

I'm looking for a tool that:
  • Works with gmail (like a Chrome Plugin)
  • Will let me make different templates for follow-up chains (like 3 follow-up emails for example)
  • Will let me set how long until follow-ups are sent
  • Will brake the automation chain when someone replies
  • Will let me manually choose a template and activate it when I send an email (so it'll trigger automatically if they don't respond to my first email).

If you have any recommendations I'd really appreciate it.

Thank you,

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    I highly doubt such exists.

    However, I don't see why there would be any problem having such custom built. I know nothing about plugins, but a program could be built that could login to your gmail account and do what you are wanting.
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      There is such a thing...... and it does more than that! Check out Costa Peppas Contact Legend
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    Just get an autoresponder. Check out Getresponse or Aweber. You'll even be able to see if that person clicked or opened your email.
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