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Ehy guys, sorry in advantage for my bad english.

I started from two months to growth my email list, my initial idea was sell solo ads. I started just recently sell them, at moment my primary income in this industry is with CPA or CPL of cashnetwork.

What I noticed is that 90% of the offers are NOT honest and WHITOUT REAL VALUE, and 90% of squeeze pages of person that buy my clicks as well.

So I understood that in this industry is most important quantity rather then quality, as matter of fact, the click rate of my emails is started around 2.5% and now is around 0.8%, of course because in every email I promise money, job and freedom, but they are only hallow promises.

What I ask and I would like know and discuss about is:

- Will value provides same money of quantity?
- How can I use my email list in an high valuable way?
- Where I can get better offers or affiliation programs?

Any other thoughts or suggestions are appreciated
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    Hi Mundilfari, interesting views on it. How do you know that 90% of offers are not honest and without real value? Have you tried all of them and actually read all of those purchable products, too? Otherwise I doubt there's a way of judging that just from the Squeeze/Funnel.

    Sadly what you mention on "quantity over quality" I noticed as well, it's a big issue and maybe considered the downside of agressive salesmanship. Nevertheless I am not able to form an opinion about it though without knowing the products advertised in these emails.

    Sometimes there is a huge difference in "promising" and "showcasing" a way of making money, because actually from my own experience a lot of these offers just mention what really is possible. It doesn't mean that everybody will reach that particular goal.
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      Hi Marvin, Thanks for your reply.

      Maybe I have a little overstated telling "90% of offers are not honest". I have not tested all but I some offers where squeeze page ensure that will make you MILIONAIRE in less of 90 days, and the product cost is just $47/$97. I can expect that in cases like this is not plausible that the course will keep on's promise.

      In addition, as I told, I don't like the fact that when I send solo ad, I have to send email that promise A LOT, trying to gain more clicks as possible, or anyway this is the only way that I know at moment. I opened this thread be cause I would know how others handle this and maybe receive some suggestions.
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