What are the some of the best Autoresponder Software Services?

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Hi Warriors,

I have been doing Internet Marketing, Online Advertising stuffs for fortune 500s all through my career. Recently trying to stand on my own feet and Joined Warriors.

What are the cost effective ways to build list? Which software service to use?

Looking for advices from experienced folks out here..

Thanks a ton!
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      I believe Aweber and GetResponse are the two top main ones services, but I would do a quick google search If I were you to make sure. You can also look up Top autoresponder software services to see whats really out there.

      List building is another topic all together and it depends on what niche you are in and where your traffic is coming from. Are you using organic traffic, social media sites, free classified sites ect....? So as far as list building, it all depends.
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    I'm a fan of MailChimp! You can't go wrong really with Aweber either tho.
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      Never ending question. Been with AW for 7 years after GR for a year.

      - Robert Andrew

      Nothing to see here including a Sig so just move on :)

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        Really Delighted to see so many good responses! Appreciate !!
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        Other than the "big 3" I would consider these autoresponders...

        Constant Contact
        Autoresponse Plus (ARP Reach)
        Campaign Monitor
        Office AutoPilot
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      Originally Posted by Steve L View Post

      I'm a fan of MailChimp! You can't go wrong really with Aweber either tho.
      The only problem I have with mailchimp is they have certain restrictions on affiliate offers and other stuff as well..
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        Thanks Everyone, I decided to go for GetResponse. I have not seen AWeber yet but based on the info you folks shared and based reviewing product features, I found GetResponse may be better to start with. I saw good reviews for GetResponse's better open rate.
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  • Mailchimp has a really nice system, and their pro features are really cool such as A/B testing, automation etc.

    Another great cheap option if you have something to capture the email addresses (free wordpress plugins or something like thrive leads) is EmailOctopus. It just send out emails, doesnt really do anything else but it use Amazon web services to do so and is much cheaper when sending a lot of emails.
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    I love using GetResponse. It's cheap and got tons of cool features that aren't in a lot of autoresponders. I would recommend that.
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    +1 for Aweber!

    In terms of growing an email list in the most cost effective way, it would be blogging.

    BUT, if you're willing to spend money, then run a competition with targeted FB ads. I've done it before and build a 15k email list for $1-$2k.
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    In love with Aweber right now. I can vouch for Getresponse too. I've tried mailchimp and constant contact. In my opinion they both aren't as simple and easy to use as Aweber and Getresponse.
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      do have any business opportunties I can check and maybe join your in that your recommend??

      Michael Ladd
      Visit my blog to receive helpful information, tips and techniques, plus get some quality products!

      Enjoy and learn and have fun: http://YourSuccessUnlimited.Net
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    i used GetResponse and love it
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  • If you're planning on selling anything on JVzoo you'll want to consider getresponse. They easily integrate every purchase with your list (at the time of purchase, not when they come back to claim their pirchase which many never do) so you can develop a buyers-only list which is super valuable for obvious reasons...
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    getresponse for me. It seems to have a better open rate for me. That being said I still have an aweber account for testing.
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      +1 for GetResponse.

      In addition to the reasons others listed, their support has been pretty solid so far. The other night, I had a somewhat technical question about integrating something of theirs with a custom theme and after a quick 5 minute chat, I was up and running. Price and reliability are certainly big factors when considering an autoresponder, but support is pretty important too

      Just do it, and do it better.

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    Aweber! 'nough said.
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    I like GetResponse. Most of those services offer a free trial so it might be best if you register with a few of them and check out the user interface etc.
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    getresponse.com is the best. easy to use, cheap, and high open rate,...
    i review it better than mailchip and benchmarkemail.com.
    I just use 3 services
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    I have used awember and getresponse they are pretty good.
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    Avoid aWeber, we had bad experiences with their over priced service and bad support (relative to our web hosting).
    Imnica Mail had bad delivery rates.

    Still looking for a good auto responder but iContact and Get Response seems to be looking good. I'm really contemplating simply setting up our auto responder with a WordPress plugin. (By the way the Get Response rep can be found on Warrior Forum so it's a nice bonus. )

    Why pay $30+/month when we can pay $9/month for hosting and a one time $40 fee for a WordPress plugin.
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    While I agree A wordpress plugin with hosting plan can get you going, however in my opinion, the service providers such as GetResponse, iContact, Aweber provide various values which is hard and time consuming to set up with a Wordpress plugin. Again it depends on your need too.

    I am using GetResponse, I seem to be getting along well with it.
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    Great question I have used both weber and Get Response I kept with Get Response because Webber had and still has problem now and again
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