What is the best email marketing tool for new site?

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Hi all, I'm newbie and have a new site. I need a tool to subscribe and a tool to send email marketing. What can I use tool? Thanks,
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    A few were recommended to me. I'll give you a quick insight of 3 of them,

    So far, Benchmark - is a really great email marketing software for small businesses. The part that I really like the sample package of ready made email templates. I'm not saying that they are Best templates but for a startup they will be very helpful. Also I really love their analytics.

    If you're looking for something low cost. Try GetResponse. Very easy-to-use design editor.

    If your into ecommerce, SendinBlue is really great. I like the text message feature.

    I am not saying they are the best, but from my experience they've been well worth it.
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    What do you think about Mailchamp? According to my opinion and best experience it's works better as a free tool.
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    I recomand sendlane and afilorama. They are both free and you have everything you need in there.
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    Originally Posted by garymjone View Post

    Hi all, I'm newbie and have a new site. I need a tool to subscribe and a tool to send email marketing. What can I use tool? Thanks,
    for startup, you can try aweber, mailchimp, getresponse. In case you have a big list and you wanna send in bulk, then you need to have your own SMTP server.

    hope this is helpful.
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    This one has the best deliverability: trafficwave.net
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    In beginning level, you may use free tools for practice email marketing. Example- mailerlite, mailchimp. This tools are free for email marketing. When u are experienced then use Getresponse.

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    Thanks for your suggests, I'm very happy. I'll study all and chose one of all.
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    you use email template to promote your website. to sent website Mailchimp is the best.
    you can easily handle this,
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    You can try Mailchimp. To me Mailchimp is No#1 Email Marketing tool as it's offer a life-time free membership opportunity. And of course, It's 10 times easier than any other marketing tool.

    I am a WordPress and Mailchimp Ninja. I have strong proficiency in designing Email Template, Web design and development, Landing page / Thank you page / Cooming soon page design.
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    I've used Getresponse for years. they are good
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    The autosponder for email marketing is essential, personally I get on well with Getreponse, but it is essential characteristic of a autosponder lies in Deliverability, this requires a professional autosponder, but the most important tools for success is you, you have to write content original, perhaps with bonuses or discounts to new people who want to subscribe, you can also use meebome.com, to ensure that users can contact you in real time.

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    I would suggest Mailchimp for newbies.
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    Since you're a newbie, I would suggest either Aweber or get Response. They are both extremely simple to use and newbie friendly! Plus they should have everything you need to start growing your list from your new site!

    I hope that helps and good luck
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    Hi garymjone,
    if you wanted to go with insty.me hosting you will get setup with an Amazon autoresponder in the deal.

    Insty.me are hosts set up to support Internet Marketers in particular so are well worth a look.

    cheers, Mal.

    Here is a Free Gift for you! :>) It's a great list builder too! https://velvetmice.com/vlander-wf

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    I recommend Aweber or Getresponse; I don't recommend Mailchimp or Sendinblue (Mailchimp doesn't allow affiliate marketing; Sendinblue makes marketing difficult because the prospects have to check a separate (the second) box "I'm willing to receive advertisements". There's also a completely free autoresponder - Listwire; it is expedient to use it if your site is not in "Make Money Online" niche because then this service (this company) is your direct competitor and your prospects will see its advertisements before they see yours.
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    Originally Posted by garymjone View Post

    Hi all, I'm newbie and have a new site. I need a tool to subscribe and a tool to send email marketing. What can I use tool? Thanks,
    Why just email marketing software, when there are many other tools which can give your much more. Try marketing automation tools, which cover email marketing and even help you to nurture your lead.

    If you need help on which can be best automation to go for in a small budget let me know.
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  • MailChimp is good for email marketing, you can try it for free. Then I am using hootsuite for managing my Social Media accounts.
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    I would recommend as starter to use well known autoresponder service like AWeber and Getresponse. Good option also would be ActiveCampaign. Heard bout many good thinsg bout them and you can started as $9 monthly which is pretty cheap and not to mention they have Marketing Automation included.
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    SendGrid is also a good option to use for email marketing.
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    First signup for an email service provider, then create your emails, save your emails then create a signup form for collecting emails on your site, promote your signup form
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    what is the cheapest email marketing software? can send thousand all at once?
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    I've been using Mailchimp for a while, but now decided to move to Unisender, it's really easy to use and to create the letters there.
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    Aweber and GetResponse have the best deliverability from my tests. They are also easy to use and come with premade optin forms.
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    I suggest mailchimp, constant contact and Icontact tools these are good and if you need any help just visit on given link :-http://www.emailchopper.com/
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