Bringing any Wordpress contact form into automation workflows

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Hey there guys! Most of you remember me from back in the day, but it's been quite a while since I was regular on WF.

This post is a little bit of a plug, but I'm looking for feedback from you WF guys, as I think you're the perfect subsection of users.

I'm the content marketer these days for Flow XO, and recently we launched an email parser engine to allow our users to bring in any email data (transactional, form responses, etc, you name it) and parse out template values.

What this means is unlike other services that will only work with automation platforms if they have an integration or support webhooks, this email parser will allow you to use any form service or plugin, even bespoke, and still be able to pull that data into workflows. We did a few blog posts about it.

One featuring Contact Form 7

Automate Email Lead Intake With Our Email Parser, Contact Form 7, And Pipedrive - Flow XO Blog

and one featuring the new Divi 2.6 contact form module.

Use Our Email Parser To Bring Divi Contact Forms Into Automated Workflows - Flow XO Blog

Again, this is a bit of a plug of the new integration, but more than ANYTHING, I'm looking for some feedback and user data from my favorite segment of users, internet marketers. And I know from experience that us IM guys know how to put an automation platform through the ringer!!

Thanks in advance fellas and gals for your response and feedback. It's very much appreciated.
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